La consistencia mågica del royal icing

Desde hace algunos meses había querido hacer este nuevo video, siempre hay much confusion en question de la receta perfecta para hacer Royal Icing o glaseado real.

Es un hecho que cuando vas a dedicarte ha hacer galletas decoradas vas a necesitar aprender a hacer muchas consistencias de Royal Icing, porque cada una tiene sus propias cualidades y te ayudan a hacer efectos completamente diferentes, pero también es un hecho que hay una consistencia de Royal Icing muy especial, que a mi me gusta llamarle "LA CONSISTENCIA MAGICA DEL ROYAL ICING".

Esta consistencia es la que tu me has visto usar en varios videos, es una consistencia fluida, "pero no tan fluida" . Esta consistencia me ha ayudado a decorar galletas de una forma mas rápida y con esto me ayuda a bajar el costo de mis galletas, ya que tampoco necesito comprar duyas (decorating tips)  y tener que enfrentarme con el problema de que las dudas se tapen y de lavarlas, que la verdad no me gusta mucho lavarlas, LOL. 

Aqui te dejo el link del video para que le des un vistazo y espero que este video te guste.   

Toma en consideración que cada receta de Royal Icing es diferente y la firmeza de tu icing va a hacer diferente que la mía, así es que empieza con añadir el agua poco a poco y tu vas a poder encontrar la cantidad exacta de agua que se adapte a tu receta. 

Espero que te pongas a decorar muchas galletas! 

Te mando un abrazo y un beso muy fuerte!

Minions Cookies 2020

I love to make Minion Cookies, the ones that I made back in 2013 were very little and I wanted to make a big Minion for a while and finally I had time to make it!

You can check here the video.

I used a bigger baby bottle cookie cutter to cut out the cookie  and follow the same technique that I used to make the tiny cookies.

I used equal parts of egg yellow and neon brite yellow food gel color for the minion's body.

Kisses for my Valentine

Sometimes the simple gifts in life is the one that warm up our hearts the most. 

These cookies are a perfect example, they are little but can mean a lot to the one special person that will received them. 

I love to decorate  these lips cookies, they are very simple and fast to do.

I started by baking and preparing royal icing, here is the link for the video of how to prepare royal icing. 

To safe time and don't use to many containers, I started tinting flooding consistency icing in a very light shade of pink, decorated some cookies  and later I started adding little drops of orange and pink food gel color and decorated some other lips cookies, and I finishing up adding drops of red food gel color to decorated  the last lips cookies.  I let them dry and using edible markers 
I made some lines in the middle of the cookie. 

Making these cookies I notice how pretty the red icing look and that it didn't have spots like some other times I used red food gel color. 

So I started using pink food gel color every time I need to prepare red icing. 

Here is the video for more detailed explanation on how I tinted red icing. 

Another thing that make these cookies so special is the  sweet heart box. 

Remember that the presentation for your cookies is as important as the flavor  and the look of your cookies. 

Is it still time to wish you a "Happy New Year" ? 202

I think it is still time to wish all of you a Happy New Year! We still have some days left from January, right?

Never is too late to send good wishes to all of you, it has been a crazy January and could not believe that I didn't have time to post the cookie I made for this 2020.  Here is the link for the video. 

This cookie is very special, let me tell you why, I started cutting and baking the cookie, I knew that I wanted to make a clock and in the lower part the put the "2020", but not sure how to decorated it, I wanted to give it a vibe of the 1920's Art Deco style, but was indecisive.

I asked some girls for help, I draw the shape of my cookie on a piece of paper and asked them to help me make a design.  

All the ideas were super cute, but the one that I love the most was the one with the party hat, so I cut out  and bake the party hat cookie to complete the project. 

 I can not wait to see  all the cookie inspirations I will get in this New year, thank you very much for stopping by my blog and be in the look out for more cookie decorating ideas!