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 As I was decorating these "Believe" Cookies for some Kindergarten students, I was thinking about how powerful this word is and how often I saw the word Believe this year. 

While I was making the 12 Days of Christmas videos, I took a trip on memory lane and noticed that at a very early age I showed interest in the culinary arts. I thought about how much I had learned by watching my mom do her baking and cooking. Later as I grew up I had the chance to start baking and selling cookies and carrot cupcakes. I sold so many carrot cupcakes that my mom thought I was turning into an Oompa Loompa due to the orange tint on my hands. I even went to the doctor and it turns out I wasn't but instead had too much beta carotene from the carrots I handled. 

Well coming back to the theme of "Believe".... I believe that each of us is born with a special gift. When you are a kid your parents help you discover it and later on you continue nurturing until it is time you put it to action. The more you share it and enrich the life of others is when that gift fulfills its purpose. 

12 Days of Christmas Cookies at The Cookie Couture Channel

12 Days of Christmas Cookies🎄🎄🎄

I can't believe we are in the 4th Day of Christmas Cookies videos, how can it be that times goes by so fast? Since I started with this project I wanted to write a post about and until now I am doing it.

12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Making these cookies and videos have made me reflect on how much I enjoy baking and how blessed I am to had the chance to start leaning  at a very early age. 

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Our busiest decorated cookie season is in full swing, and lately I have noticed that people like to start buying their cookies earlier than years before.  

So if you were thinking of starting to make your cookies closer to Christmas, I would recommend to start as soon as you can and have some cookies handy for the early birds. 

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Normally decorated cookies have a very good shell life, you can start baking your cookies now and after they cool down you can put them in a big cellophane bag or in an air tight sealed container. 

Also you can use this cute little bear, named Fox Run Terracota Brown Sugar Bear,  that will help keep your cookies fresh for longer, you just need to put it in the same container as your cookies.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

I also like to have royal icing ready beforehand and when I need to decorate some cookies I just prepare the consistencies and tint it in the colors I will need. 

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Now let me tell you what are some of the trends on decorated cookies for this Holiday:

Cookie Decorating Kits

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Cookie decorating kits are very popular, in particular for Christmas parties. One thing that you will have to consider is who will be decorating those cookies. If the cookie decorating kits are for kids, try to make simple shapes or stamped cookies, so the kids can have a guide on how to decorate the cookies. For the icing, don't go very fancy on the meringue powder you will use to make it, because normally the cookies will be eaten before the icing gets hard. Also just one consistency will be enough, I like to use the magic consistency for the kid's kits and tint it in fun colors and put a lot, I mean a lot of sprinkles, the kids LOVE sprinkles, especially the mixed sprinkles. 

The mixed sprinkles you can make on your own. Michaels offers a great variety of sprinkles, just before you go shopping make up your mind in what color scheme you will make your mix, if not you will go crazy with so many options. 

If you are going to make the cookie decorating kits for adults, you can make more intricate shapes of cookies and it will be good to use a fancier meringue powder. Try to make medium and flooding consistency icings, the medium consistency icing for outlining in a natural color and at least 3 tinted flooding consistency icing pastry bags.

Don't forget to add a little cards with instructions on how to decorate and preserve the cookies. 

Paint Your Own (PYO) Cookies

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

These cookies are a hit all the time, there are three different ways for how you can make the PYO cookies. One is that you will put the watercolor palette on the cookies, here is a tutorial for this kind. Click here

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Another one is to make two cookies, one with the drawing and one for the watercolor palette. For the water color palettes I put the food gel color directly on the iced cookie. 

And last but not least you can use edible ink printed watercolor swatches, these are very fancy, not too expensive and the cookies will look very nice and neat. 

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

For the drawings you can use stencils or if you are good with drawing you can have fun making cute Holiday drawings once the royal icing is completely dry.  You can use edible markers, an airbrush tool or edible spray paint.

Remember that you will need to put a little brush and instructions on how to decorate these cookies, on Etsy you can find great options and you can also find brushes at the dollar store. 

Itsy-Bitsy Christmas Cookies

This is another huge trend, they are really cute, they have less calories, they are more affordable and if you will ship them you can use First class mail instead of Priority mail.   I really love to make this kind of cookie, my kitchen does not get too messy and you can put your creativity in action. 

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Sweet Treats Boards

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

This is the sweet version of a charcuterie board, these boards include all sorts of cookies, like gingerbread, chocolate chip, royal icing cookies, linzer, shortbread, pretzels, granola bars and they also have a little section for hot drinks, you can add chocolate bombs, chocolate spoons, honey straws, marshmallows, etc. etc...

Gingerbread Cookies Ready To Go

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

This is a huge trend, everything that is ready to go is very appreciate now a days, you can sell a kit with gingerbread ornaments or an already assemble ginger bread house, with the icing and a lot, I mean a lot of candies.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

Christmas Cookie Decorating Trends 2021

You cannot go wrong with any of these options, and the Holiday is the perfect time for you to try these ideas out and gift them to someone special!

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