Baby Jesus Cookie Tutorial

Baby Jesus Cookie Tutorialpost signature

Growing up in Mexico at Christmas time the most special house decoration is the  "Nacimiento" ( Nativity scene) It was a whole ritual, unpacking very carefully all the pieces that has been for many generations in my family, fixing the broken pieces, ( there is always a Wisemen without a hand or a lamb with 3 legs ; ) plan a trip to the market to buy fresh moss, hay, some pine branches and very important the paper posters of the sky, desert, rocks, etc. 

I have so many good memories around the Nativity scene, actually I inherit my grandmother's Holy family, it is made out of wood, it is really pretty!

So for me making Nativity scene cookies is a most!

This cookie is one of my favorites, looks really elegant and very special, very appropriate for a Baby Jesus  in a manger cookie.

Please watch the video to learn how I did this cookie!

I made this cookie to decorate a Christmas Cake too!

Idea to make a Cat in jack'o lantern cookie for halloween

Idea to make a Cat in jack'o lantern cookie for halloween

When I have a cookie  idea in my head, I just want to do it ASAP, but sometimes I don't have the appropriate cookie cutters and don't want to go to the hassle of order a cookie cutter, pay for shipping and wait for its arrival.  

So I take a look at my cookie cutter collection and try my best to think out of the box to come out with the idea I am thinking of. 

I made this cute cat on a pumpkin or jack'o lantern cookie for halloween, hope it inspire you to use different cookie cutters to create unique cookies!!

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How to decorate a garland with cookies

As you may notice I like to be a little creative with my cookies, and as you may know you can use cookies to decorate for Christmas.  This time I made some ornaments cookies and used them to decorate a window  that I have on my dinning signature

Here are some pictures and a video. 


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This is for sure one of my favorite recipes and I hope that it will be one of yours too!

I used a Belgian Cocoa Powder and the result was a extremely delicious soft chocolate cookie, for a twist I decorate the cookies with a raspberry royal icing and the results were fantastic!

You can watch the video  or if you want you can print the recipe. 



How to make a float cookie

How to make a float cookie
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I want to share this super cute idea, these cookies are perfect for a pool party.  You can let the kids decorate these cookies, they will have a lot of fun and they will be very happy to enjoy a sweet treat after many hours of swimming!!

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