Christmas Crackers Recipe 2020

 Last Christmas a sweet treat stole my heart, not only because it is "Crunchy" but also because we had a wonderful family time making it.  And this year particularly I valued so much the time we spent with our extended family and I like to remember those moments making this recipe once and once again. 

Christmas Cracker

If you are looking for a recipe that all the family can help in an easy way, this is the one for sure! 

Christmas Cracker

You will need to prepare this recipe a day before you will enjoy them, because they need to be in the freezer over night. 

This is what you will need:

Christmas Cracker

The process is really simple and you can watch a video here for a more detailed procedure: 

Pre-heat oven at 400ºF

  1.  Arrange the cookie squares in a lined baking sheet. 
  2.  Melt butter in the stove  at a medium high flame.
  3.  Turn off the flame and add the brown sugar, salt and vanilla until it is all dissolved.
  4.   Turn the flame again to medium high and stir until it starts boiling.
  5. When is boiling turn off the flame and poured it over your crackers.
  6.  Put it in the oven for 5 min.
  7.  Melt the chocolate in a Bain Mary until smooth.
  8. Take out the baking sheet from the oven and let it cool for 1-2 min and separate the cookies carefully.
  9. Poured the melted chocolate and freeze over night or 6-7 hours. 
  10. Take it out of the freezer and crack it in small random pieces and enjoy!!
  11. Christmas Cracker
Be careful, because you can come addicted to this sweet, sweet Christmas Cracker. 

Christmas Cracker

Merry Christmas to everyone, I wish you a very sweet time with all your love ones. 

How to pack cookies for shipping

How to pack cookies for shipping

I think this year more than other years we would love to send cookies to our family members. So since this year we won't be able to celebrate Christmas together it would be a nice touch to send a little personal gift that will remind them of how much they are loved. The taste of homemade cookies will surely warm up their hearts, and remind them that you are thinking of them.

I have had the blessing of baking a lot of cookies, packing them and shipping them by mail. 

How to pack cookies for shipping

It is not super easy and it takes time to pack them correctly, but the work is always worth it!!!

Here are some videos that will show you step by step how I pack the cookies and I also have some of my favorite packaging materials on Amazon. Click HERE

This video is in English:

This video is in Spanish:

I have been using the corrugated strip for more that 10 years and it is great!


The nesting box idea is great because this assures that the box with your cookies is not going to move at all; it is surrounded with lots of "love cushions", as I like to call them. 

I have been using Priority mail as my preferred carrier and I LOVE that you can get the boxes, tape and other packaging materials for free, you can order them in the USPS website  CLICK HERE and they ship them for free to your house. 

I wish all of you the best of holidays and hopefully my tips will help you deliver all of your cookies without a single scratch or crumble.

Spread the love with your cookies this Christmas!

Free Christmas Cookie Decorating Class 2020

The Cookie Couture Cookie Decorating Class

One of the things that every year I am looking forward is to have some cookie decorating classes in my house and as you can imagine this year will not be the case, but I needed to find a way to continue teaching my classes and I thought that it will be a good idea to put a class on the channel. 

Also last Tuesday I saw that it was #GivingTuesday and I thought that offering the class for free this year will be my gift for all of you cookie lovers! So I will try to  to put together a "Christmas Cookie Decorating Class " in my channel.  This is a challenging project for me because I am the one that films, edit and do the cookie decorating, but I am going to give it a try! Wish me luck! 

I am going to divide the class in two videos so it won't be too long, and you can come and watch again, again, also I will have a live stream for Q&A. 

Please join me this coming Tuesday, December 8 and Thursday December 10 at 10:45 am!

The Cookie Couture Channel

Here I curated a supply list on Amazon, so you can see what I will be using. CLICK HERE

The Cookie Couture

Also here is a video for a very good cookie recipe. Click the link

Best cut-out cookie recipe

Here is the link for the royal icing recipe

3 Ingredient Royal Icing Recipe

I hope that you can join me and decorate a lot of cookies this Christmas!! 

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