Easter Cookies Ideas 2016

The warm weather is approaching us, and the manifestations of spring are everywhere around us. I must say that Spring here in The Woodlands, is one of my favorite seasons. All the trees are starting to grow their leaves in a beautiful array of greens, the wild flowers are beautiful, the birds delight us with their beautiful singing, the squirrels, bunnies, and deers are scattered about.

I am really glad that every year we have the chance to slow down our daily routine and concentrate in the most important part of my religion, which is the Passion, death, and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I specially enjoyed learning more about God and growing closer to him. And also I am so happy that this year is the YEAR OF MERCY....the world is in so much need of Mercy and true Love. We have been so occupied in our lives that we do not take the time to really sit, relax, pray,  count our blessings, and demonstrate how much we love our friends and family. So this has been some of the things that have kept me busy and I haven't got the chance to bake cookies. 

But I did make some Easter cookies for one of my Etsy costumers, and I just love this collection that I made, I hope you like it!

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