Baby Jesus in a manger cookies ideas

May this glorious day of our Savior's birth resound with hope and peace on earth, Merry Christmas to you all! 

Here are some  videos where you can see how to decorate this Baby Jesus Cookie, the first one is in English and I used a Baby Jesus in a manger cookie cutter. 

This other video is in Spanish and I used different sized circle cookies to make a Baby Jesus in a manger. 

Birthday Cookies Ideas

Who's Birthday is today? 

Birthdays are so special and it is always nice to celebrate another year of life and take time to think about what experiences you have had in the year that have help you grow as a person and to be thankful for all that you have go through.  I think that life goes so fast and in this days there is no free time to sit and reflect on what you have being going through and to realize how many blessings you have every day. 

 When I saw this set of boxes at the container store, I fell in love with them and the idea to put Birthday cookies on them came into my mind. 

This also will be a very nice birthday activity, you can sit and think about all the good and bad experiences you have being going through in all those years and choose what situations you want to keep in your heart and which ones you preferred to leave  behind. You can pair this with a nice cup of wine or some tequila shots, that is your choice! 

The cookies are super simple, I tried to match the colors of the boxes with the cookies, I made squared cookies that could fit in the smaller boxes and balloons for the bigger ones.  

Then I made a big  personalized cookie cake, I made these cookies for  Marisol!

These boxes are so cute and you can used them later on for something else.

What other idea do you have to use these boxes paired with cookies? Pleas let me know in the comment  section! 
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Como hacer una Elf on the Shelf Cookie

Me encanta el duendecito de Elf on the Shelf, me acuerdo de niña haberlo visto, me recuerda a los baby beans, te acuerdas de ellos? Me encantaba jugar con ellos, el mío era Rosita y no sabes las horas que pasa jugando con él.

Hasta hace pocos años supe de la tradición de Elf on the shelf y no es una tradición que seguimos en nuestra casa, pero se me hace bonita actividad para los niños y obvio se me antojo hacer una galleta, ya la he hecho hace varios años y cada vez cambia, aquí esta un  video para que veas como decore la galleta.

 Y aquí te dejo unas fotos de como hice la carita de Elf on the Shelf. 

Empece por delinear la galleta con icing de consistencia media y rellene la cara con icing de color carne de consistencia fluida, hice los ojos usando la técnica de los palillos. 

Luego deje secar la galleta por completo para ya que este seca poner icing de consistencia media en el pompom y el debajo del gorrito.

Luego puse una mezcla de sprinkles y perlitas comestibles en color blanco.

Preparé icing de rellenar en color rojo.

Rellene los gorritos y deje secar.

Luego puse icing de color blanco era el cuellito y deje secar para después hacer el mismo detalle con la mezcla de sprinkles que hice en el gorro. 

Ya que se seco la galleta use marcadores comestibles para hacer el cabello y la carita. Me encantaron como quedaron!!

Me encanta que cada uni tiene su propia expresión! 

Espero te inspire para hacer unos duendes esta Navidad!

Different ways to decorate a candy cane cookie, plus the candy cane prayer

Several years ago, I received a little special Christmas gift, a candy cane with a little card attached to it. The little card was the Candy Cane Prayer, I have never heard of it and I really liked it. I have seen a lot of candy canes in stores in Christmas time, but never knew the tradition behind it. 

Here is the prayer, I have the version that I made in Spanish and the English version that I found on the internet and it is free to use. 

I am part or a praying group at my daughter's university and I like to bake cookies for them and they are part of a goody bag that we give to them around finals each semester full of nutritious snacks, candies, words of encouragement and anything else we can think that will cheer them up during that time of stress! I normally make cookies of the University's mascot, but for this time I thought that a candy cane cookie with the prayer would be a good idea. 

So here I am baking and decorating a lot of candy canes, I made a video so you can see different ways to decorate a candy cane and how I packed the cookies. 

I think that what makes a gift special is the time and love you invest in it and to think how the gift will help the person you are giving it to, not the size or the price attached to it. 

These are some of the sprinkles and decorations you will need. 

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