Hispanic Heritage Month Cookies

Hispanic Heritage Month

Fiesta Cookies Piñata cookies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month @ www.thecookiecouture.com 


It is so amazing that we have a whole MONTH to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage! 


Piñata cookies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month @ www.thecookiecouture.com

Living in a foreign country is always hard for many reasons, for me primarily is being away from my family and missing all the parties and celebrations!



Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

  Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

When you see a lovingly hand decorated cookie you might not think about what is behind the making of that precious piece of edible art.

I am sure that a lot of hours of labor have been put into making them, and I think most of us don't think about that. We often just think about how pretty and delicious they look.  

Being a cookie decorator is not as glamorous as it seems, we have a lot of aches and pains especially if you have been decorating cookies for a while. 

When I first started making cookies, I would enter into a "Cookie Mode" and would to make as many cookies as I could. Also a lot of different cookie ideas came to my mind, particularly around 3:00 am, and I couldn't wait to wake up and make the idea that kept me awake at night. So normally I started making cookies in my pajamas and barefoot in the kitchen.  

This was not a good idea, later on I started having a lot of back problems and had to stop making cookies for a while.  

I remember that on my first visit with the massage therapist, after she diagnosed me, she asked me: "where do you work?  And I answered: "I make cookies"?  She was very surprised that I had all those problems just for "making cookies". 

Fast forward to today, and I am happy to have found out how to deal with some issues that help avoid some aches and pains and I will share them with you. 

In this video you can learn more:

Thinking about Halloween Cookies?

 Right after schools starts I normally start thinking about Halloween cookies, but why the rush?

Witch's hat cookie Halloween cookies @www.thecookiecouture.com

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween cookies and they really have a super special place in my heart.  When I started selling cookies on Etsy, a very kind lady from Oklahoma order a lot of Halloween cookies for her granddaughter's party. I was so excited because it was a very big order and actually my first order for Halloween cookies!  

In the picture below you can see some of the cookies that I made for her, I already forgot about the cookie banner!! I need to show you how to make it, it is super fun to do! 

Halloween cookies @www.thecookiecouture.com

Another day I will continue telling you more about that special lady,  because by Christmas her orders turned out even more special and I will always remember her with a lot of gratitude.

Coming back to the rush of "Thinking Halloween", I used to think  a lot of what is ahead and really not pay too much attention of the present moment and the current events, there are so many special dates in September and early October, like birthday celebrations, the announce of a baby coming on the way, a bridal showers, a move to a new house, a starting of a new job, anniversaries, Independence days, and so much more !

Here are some cookies that I have made for some of this events in past years.

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