How to lower the cost of your decorated cookies

How to lower the cost of your decorated cookies 

Let's talk #CookieBussines I think this is one of my favorite part of cookie decorating, although in my experience,  it is very hard to make a living just selling Homemade decorated cookies, it is a great extra income that can be very helpful. 

Last year I shared a video on how to calculate the price of your decorated cookies and one factor that increase a lot the cost of each cookies is the time that you spend decorating it. 

Decorated cookies are little pieces of art, and sometimes  costumers just think about them as a "Pretty Cookie", but as you may know to make them "Pretty" it takes a lot of time and effort. 

In this video (in Spanish) I shared how to lower the cost of your decorated cookies spending less time on decorating them and also using an easy and less expensive kind of glaze. For glaze recipe  Click Here

For the ones that are new in the cookie decorating art, to make a decorated cookie using royal icing, you will need to prepare different consistencies of icing and tinted different colors of icing according your design, and the labor time to make this kind of cookie is longer than the one you will spend with the glaze technique. 

Flooding icing 

Medium consistency icing to outline the border of the cookies. 

If you’re able to make your cookie decorating time more efficient, decorated cookies can be a high profit item. Controlling the cookie decorating time (labor time) is one reason we use the glaze and decorate technique, instead of the  flood with royal icing traditional  cookie decorating technique.  You can emphasize cute but simple designs, and charge extra for elaborate custom designs. 

For these cookies, I used glaze to cover the cookies and they look really pretty, the texture of the icing is softer and than royal icing  and very shinny. The flavor is about the same. 

I made a little Taste Panel with my husband and daughter. My husband liked this glazed cookies better than the royal icing, because they were softer, the icing was thinner and the flavor was yummy. 

  My daughter liked the traditional royal icing cookies the most. She likes that royal icing is harder and  about the flavor she liked both. 

I hope that this tips help you out to lower the cost of your cookies by making more efficient your cookie decorating time and as a result you will be able to make more cookies, offer a better price and increase your decorated cookies sales. 

It is nice to offer your costumers more options, you can offer both styles of cookies and your costumers will get the chance to choose  what fits better for their budget. 

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Cookie Glaze Recipe

 Cookie Glaze Recipe 
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You can print this recipe here Cookie Glaze Recipe 

Easy Cookie Glaze
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Drying time: 30 minutes
Servings: One dozen of cookies ( 3in size)


  • 1  cup + 2 ½  tbsp Powder sugar (Sifted)
  • 1 tbsp Light corn syrup
  • 3 tsp+ 1 tsp Milk
  • 1 tsp Clear vanilla extract


In a small bow mix the sugar, honey and 2 tbsp of milk using a wire whisker and add the extract. Check the consistency of your icing, the consistency needs to be thick similar to raw honey and needs to spread on your cookie easily with no lumps. If you need to add more milk start adding ½ tsp and mix, until you get the right consistency. Make a text on a cookie to see how it spread on your cookie.


You can add any clear extract, lemon or orange juice.

You can see the video tutorial here:

Receta del Glaseado para Galletas

Receta del Glaseado Para Galletas 

Esta es la receta del Glaseado para galletas y la puedes imprimir también. 

Click Glaseado para Galletas  para imprimir la receta

Glaseado Para Galletas
Tiempo de Preparación : 10 minutes
Tiempo de secado: 30 minutes
Sirva para: 12 piezas


  • 1  taza + 2 ½ cdas  taza de azúcar glass cernidas
  • 1 cda de miel de maíz clara ( Miel Karo )
  • 3 cdas + 1 ctda de leche
  • 1 ctda de extracto de vainilla clara


En un recipiente mezclar el azúcar, miel de maíz y  2 cdas de leche y mezclar, poner el extracto de vainilla y mezclar.  Checar la consistencia de tu glaseado. Poner poco a poco mas leche ( ½ cucharadita) hasta lograr la consistencia similar a la de la miel de abeja.  La capa de glaseado en la galleta debe de quedar un poco gruesita y no se bebe de derramar.

Poner el glaseado en tu galleta y dejarla secar por 30 min.

Esta cantidad de icing te sirve para cubrir una docena de galletas de 3 pulgadas.


Puedes cambiar el extracto de vainilla por cualquier otro extracto claro o jugo de limón o naranja.
Puedes ver el video de como hacer este glaseado en:

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Faberge Eggs Decorated Cookies

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When I first saw a Faberge egg I fell in love with all the intricate designs and how pretty it looked, but at that time I never thought about making some Faberge Egg cookies.  One day browsing on the internet I came across these cookie stencils, click HERE, and I knew I had to have them. 

When I received them I felt overwhelmed because I had never decorated cookies with stencils and so I put them in my cookie challenge list.

Until one day I decided to give them a try, and I am so glad I did. I loved how they turned out. It was not easy and I made a lot of bad looking cookies. When I finally got the technique to use them, in fact it became pretty easy to use and I loved how pretty the cookies looked. 

I like to decorate my Easter Brunch table with a lot of cookies as you can see. 

I hope you liked this cookie decorating technique and give them a try. 

I posted on YouTube a video, it is in Spanish but the technique is very easy to follow and I will tell you what is most important when you use stencils to decorate these Faberge Eggs cookies. 

First Communion Decorated Cookies Ideas

First Communion Communion Cookies Ideaspost signature

I can't believe how fast the time pass by. 

 I made these cookie set like 5 years ago, I had so much fun making them because as you may seen I tend to do more "Girly" cookies, like I just have one daughter, and some times It is hard for me to think on "Boys" themed cookies.  And these cookies were a gift for a nephew, so I had to think outside my "girly" color scheme and think what a boy could like, besides a good tasting cookie. 

I decided to make the cookies green and purple. 

For the green icing I used equal parts of food gel color in  moss (avocado will work too) and electric green. 

For the Purple I used a little touch of regal purple. 

I prepared medium consistency icing in green and purple and put some in a pastry bag with a decorating tip #1 and then I add some water to prepare flooding consistency icing in both colors. 

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