Ideas to make watercolor cookies

Love the idea to make watercolor cookies, these interactive cookies are great for Birthday parties or for fun family activities.  


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Ideas fo day of the dead cookies-Spanish

Disfruten este video de esta galleta tan divertida!!

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How to make cactus cookies

If you live in Texas and love road trips, for sure you have seen cactus growing everywhere and I love to see them (and eat them, too, love a nopalitos salad!!) not to touch them, but admire how funny they are!  

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I love how cheerfully they are, they way they grow is funny to me and how nice is that they adorn themselves with a pink flower!

I could talk, more about the cactus, but what I want to tell you is how to make a cactus cookie.  Click play on the video to learn how I made this cute cheerful cactus pot!

How to make a flower cookie on a stick

I will share how to make a flower cookie on a stick and let me tell you how I got inspired to make this cookies.  

Spring in Texas is one of my favorite seasons and each spring I get inspired by what Lady Bird (not the movie, but one of the formers United Stated First Lady) gave to Texas: It's beautiful Spring Flowers. 

It happened that I had a lot of royal icing leftover from a Cookie decorating party and I didn't want to waste it, so I used it to decorate these beautiful flower cookies. 

Hope you like!!

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