1st Unbirthday

One of my favorite parts of Alice in Wonderland is the unbirthday celebration!!!  Well, I am celebrating the first unbirthday of my blog....I can't believe that  in July 17, 2013,  I started with this adventure thanks to Bridget from Bake at 350

I would have never imagined finding so much joy in sharing all that I have learned in my adventurous life of being a cookie decorator....I was one of those that you might say "tight", very selfish, never wanting to spill my secrets to anybody...I would think "I have been working so hard to learn these royal icing techniques, and It won't be fair to share it to anybody!!!!" How awful I was... I am really grateful that Bridget encouraged me to start blogging, not knowing a thing about it...I have had to learn a lot of things and have been working very hard!!!  

Wonderful things happened  in this first year, like....

1)  Someone out there in the world is reading my blog and finds it interesting!!!

2)  Someone has been taking his/her precious time and left me some lovely comments!!!

3)  I have found out that I am not the only crazy lady that is obsessed with cookies and thinks "COOKIE" all the time!! and would like to transform everything into a "Decorated Cookie".

4)  Some of the most wonderful cookie decorators and bakers have followed me on Instagram and have liked some of my pictures.... and left comments!!! This is really AWESOME!!! 

5) I have made new friends through my blog!!!

6) I have learn more about photography, I LOVE to take pictures!!

7)  Foodgawker had like some of my pictures and now I have my Foodgawker Gallery.

8)  One of the bloggers from the food channel posted one
of my pictures of Foodgawker and people really liked it,  click here: Melting snowman

9)  I have learned a lot about how to edit pictures, how a blog works, and  how fantastic  is knowing that you can share your ideas and people from around the world can enjoy them!!

10) Through blogging I have learned too many new things, and I really love to share to everyone a little piece of my daily life in the Kitchen!!! 

And as a thank you to all of you, I am making my first GIVEAWAY!!!

You will receive some of my favorite things to decorate cookies!!

*  One Rolling Pin
*  Rolling pin rollers
*  A set of cookie cutters
*  Williams Sonoma Meringue Powder
*  A set of Alice in Wonderland Cookies, lovingly decorated by me ; )  ( 36 pieces )

The rules are very simple... You can choose one option or all of them ( more chances to win ; ) 

1)  Leave me a comment in the post the you have enjoyed the most, explain why and how did my post inspired you to make your own creations. 

2)  Follow me on Instagram  like your favorite picture and tag 5 friends that you may think they will like the picture  as well.

3)  Like my Facebook page: Mil Grageas

4)  Follow me on Pinterest

Entries will be accepted through midnight CST, Friday July 4th.  ( US addresses only, please) 

I hope that my story really inspire you to follow your dreams, I know that sometimes is hard and you can feel discourage, but don't let anything bring you down and work hard!!

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Sugar Bear Sandwich Cookies

You can make sandwich cookies using any cookie cutter, I 
thought that some teddy bears will look cute, so I make 2 big teddy bears, and 2 small teddy bears to enjoy them on saturday morning breakfast to give a sweet start to father's day weekend!!!

For these cookies you will need:

*  foolproof cookie recipe
*  Teddy Bear cookie cutters ( One big and one small)
*  Raspberry or Apricot Jelly
*  Powder Sugar
*  Clear view box
*  Paper bow

These cookies are really easy. 


1)  Cut out your cookies and bake them at 350 F, let them cool. 

2)  Spread some jelly in one of the cookies.

3)  Cover the bottom cookie with another cookie of the same size. 

4)  Using a sifter cover the cookie with powder sugar. 

Follow the same procedure for the other cookies. 

When we making the cookies and took the pictures my daughter discover the teddy bear silhouette on the plate... I lOVE IT!!!  Where is the teddy bear?? 

We arrange the cookies in a clear view box and decorated with a cute bow, we gave the cookies to my husband on Saturday morning, for a good start for father's day!!

These cookies are the BOMB...they are so delicious, I just ate one little piece, and I was really delighted, I can imagine how my husband was after eating the rest of the cookie...  

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Linzer Cookies


For this cookies you will need to cut two pieces, it will be like a sandwich cookie, the bottom half does not need to have the heart cutout in the center, it will prevent the jelly to fall all over. 

For these cookie you will need:

 Foolproof recipe
*  Linzer cookie cutter
*  Raspberry and apricot jelly ( Bon maman is the BEST)
*  Powder sugar
*  Sifter


1)  Roll out your cookie dough to a 1/4 in thickness, cut circle cookies using the linzer cookie cutter, and then cut out some more cookies pressing the blue bottom to cut out the center of the cookie, and place them in a baking sheet. 

I am making just one cookie....we do not need too many delicious cookies in my house... ; )

For the bottom part of the cookie just use the linzer cutter as a regular cookie cutter, do not push the blue button.

For the top cookie, fist cut the circle and not moving the cookie cutter push the button and release.  Having your cookie dough chill will help you a lot!

2)  Bake the cookies at 350 F for 8-10 minutes, until the edges look golden.  Let them cool. 

3) Put the top part of the cookies ( the ones with the heart) on a baking sheet and sprinkle some powder sugar using a sifter.

4)  To the bottom part of the cookies spread some jelly and put the cut out heart cookies on the top, and they are ready to enjoy!!
Here in my house we love bon maman jelly, thanks to my French friend that introduce me to it!!

I love my foolproof recipe, it is very versatile, you can play with it and make many many variations. 

The Linzer cookies can be a very good option to make for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Anniversaries, etc, etc, any celebration where love is involve!! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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Father's Day....

Tomorrow will be Father's day,  You can make different cookies using my foolproof cookie recipe to delight your father's sweet tooth. 

You can make some linzer cookies or a Teddy bear sandwich cookie like this ones. 

I don't think I have write about my DAD... I really miss him and it makes me sad that he has not been around me since 
I was 6 years old, I have very few memories of the time I spent with him, but the pictures really help me to keep him in my heart. 

My Dad and my Mom, sometime before their wedding. 

My dad and I

My dad playing golf

At the circus with some of my sisters

 He was a very handsome and funny guy, he loved to be around children, every kid loved him, he loved to make jokes all the time, believe me all the time, I really enjoy when I see some go his friends and told me all the funny stories and jokes he used to do.

 He was an accountant and loved numbers, and few years before he passed away he started his own business, a Deli meat factory that is still running for business, they make the most delicious ham!!! I grew up having all sort of deli meats around me, prosciutto and chorizo cantimpalo are one of my favorites, and for Christmas they make the most delicious turkeys and hams!!   One day I have to make a post for this subject.

 He loved to play Golf, he was very good at it, he won many, many trophies, and the day that I was born he made a hole in one....seriously...so I am really happy about that!!!

I won't get in details how he passed away...because it still really hurt, and I do not want to get sad, I know he is in Heaven and I have felt him by my side in the most difficulties times in my life and I am thankful, because I have my brother that become as my father when he left. 

Let's change subjects... sniff....sniff...

My daughter has the privilege to have a GREAT father!!! And I am thankful that  now she can see him everyday at least few hours a day, I really want him to be around her as much as possible, because I really miss having my dad around and I want them to enjoy  each other as much as  they can!!

He is the sweetest person I have ever met, he is very lovely and work, work, work, very hard to give us the best life possible. I feel very blessed that God design a path for us to meet,felt in love and form a family and have give us the strength and love  to survive in the difficult times. 

Here are some pictures of my husband and my daughter.

Have I mentioned that he LOVES COOKIES?!?!

Well he does!!! It doesn't matter how they look, if is sweet, and delicious he will love it, and I think you do not need to spend much time decorating a cookie, because in less than a second it will be gone, no matter how big or small  it will be. 

The linzer cookies will be perfect for a sweet treat for father's day.

I hope you enjoy making these cookies, as I did!!

And happy father's day to all the Dads in the world!!

Que fresa....

No crean que soy muy fresa eh!! Mas bien una de mis frutas favoritas son las fresas y aquí les comparto como hice esta galleta usando mini grageas.

Para esta galletita necesitaras lo siguiente:

*  Masa de galletas favoritas
*  Cortador en forma de fresa
*  Chefmaster gel color en Tulip Red
*  Americolor en leaf green y black
*  Mini grageas amarillas
* Manga pastelera con cople y duya #2 y #68. 


1)  Hornear la galleta y dejar enfriar.

2)  Preparar el royal icing de consistencia fluida en color rojo fresa.
3)  Delinear la orilla de la galleta con icing de consistencia media utilizando la duya #2 .
4)  Rellenar la fresa con el icing rojo, dejar secar por unos 2 minutos y espolvorear las mini grageas. 

5)  Preparar un poco de icing fluido en color blanco y negro para hacer sus hojitas; utilice la técnica de los palillo para hacer sus hijos, también marque su boquita y sus pestañas usando un palillo. 

6)  Preparar Icing firme en color verde hoja y rellenar una manga pastelera con duya # 68 de wilton.

7)  En la parte superior de la fresa hacer las hojitas simulando que son su cabello; dejar secar.

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