How to decorate a pumpkin with a mask cookie 2020

How to decorate a pumpkin with a mask cookie 2020

pumpkin with mask decorated cookies

Ok, here are the 2020 pumpkin cookies, these cookies are inspired in the little kids that I saw every day where I work.  I really admire their resilience and how they wear their masks for so many hours and how respectful are about following that rule of wearing their mask to protect them and to protect others. 


If you want to see how I decorate these cookies you can watch the video here:

So, these pumpkins are getting ready to wear a mask and I will cut out the cookies using the cookie cutter set that I wrote about in the last post. 


pumpkin with mask decorated cookies

pumpkin with mask decorated cookies

Simple, pretty and delicous cookies

               Simple, easy, cute and delicious cookies

Simple easy cookie decorating ideas @

Sometimes the cutest things are the more simple, and these cookies are not exception to the rule. 

Pumpkin decorated cookies ideas

Pumpkin season is almost here, fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for cooler temperatures, and I am wondering if there will be less pumpkins around this year because of the pandemic, I hope not, because I love to see them everywhere!  

The Cookie Couture Jack O' lantern cookies


If you have been reading my blog, you might know that I love to make pumpkin and Jack O' lanterns cookies.  You can buy a similar cookie cutter that I used to make these cookies here: Pumpkin Cookie Cutter Set

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