Christmas in July, Snowman cookie

No puedo creer que ya estemos casi a finales de Julio...
Cada año me gusta poner un tutorial de alguna galleta Navideña para celebrar Christmas in July!

En el tutorial pasado les compartí como hice unas galletas de bailarina y cuando la estaba haciendo se me vino otra idea a la cabeza de como hacer una carita de bailarina usando un cortador de esfera redonda y luego me acorde que había guardado una tarjetita de Navidad de un monito de nieve que me encanto y también el cortador de esfera seria el ideal para hacerlo. 

Así es que me puse manos a la obra, les comparto unas fotos del proceso. 

Empeze con hacer el borde en la galleta como se muestra en la foto anterior y rellene la parte inferior de la galleta.

Usando la tecnica de los palillos le hice sus ojitos con icing de color negro y con el icing blanco le hice su nariz.

Prepare icing fluido  de color verde, blanco y rojo. Para hacer el sombrerito también use una técnica de "wet on wet" y la técnica de los palillos para dar un efecto de gordito tejido. 

 Rellene una parte de color verde y luego le puse unas bolitas blancas y rojas.

En la parte superior puse icing blanco y luego unos triángulos de color verde y puntos rojos usando un palillo mas grande que el que use para los otros puntitos rojos. 


Hice algo parecido para la esfera pequeña.

 Para su nariz  y sus chapitas las puedes pintar con marcadores o con un poco de gel de color naranja  y rosa con un pincel en seco. 


 Para la boquita use icing de color negro y para terminar le hice una orillita de icing de color rosa de consistencia 

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Bowing ballerina cookie

In the last post we share some ballerina cookies, and in this post I will share how to make a Bowing Ballerina cookie.  

In the blog Sweet adventures of Sugarbelle, I found this adorable idea, that I found very practical and much more less complicated than some other ballerinas I have done in the past.  

What I like about this design is that there are endless  possibilities on how you can decorate this super cute cookie.  

My daughter helped me to decorate some of the cookies, she loves to draw and one of her specialties are drawing eyes, something that I found quite complicated, so she did some awesome eyes on this ballerinas, enjoy!!

For these cookies you will need:

*  Foolproof recipe, click here
*  3 in flower cookie cutter or  3 in circle cookie cutter,     click here
*  Mini ornament cookie cutter, click here
*  Royal icing, click here 
*  Masterchef food color in Pink
*  Americolor food color in:  Ivory, chocolate brown, copper and white, click here
*  Edible markers
*  Pastry bag with coupler and decorating tip #1 and 2


1)  When you have your cookie dough ready, cut out a circle cookie ( or flower ) and an ornament cookie. Bake them at 350•F for 10-13 min.  For the small cookies you have to be careful, because they baked faster than the big ones and they can get golden very fast. 

 For the small cookies you have to be careful, because they baked faster than the big ones and they can get golden very fast. 

2)  Prepare medium consistency royal icing in white and brown and pour it in a pastry bag with a decorating tip # 1.5

3)  Prepare flooding royal icing and tint some in white,  light pink, flesh color with a tiny bit of copper gel and some light and dark brown, and put it in a airtight containers and set a side. 

4)  Mark your cookie as it shown in the next picture with edible markers ( I love them)and pipe the  border of each circle. ( The set of flutter circle cookie cutters are one of my favorite cookie cutters, you can make a lot of designs with them).  

 Pour out some pink icing in the outer circle and in the center. Let it dry for a little bit.  In the middle circle pour some white icing and let it dry.  You can add any detail to this part that will be the Tutu. 

5)  For the face, you will use the ornament cookie, outline the cookie as it shown in the next picture. 

6)  Fill out the upper part of the cookie with light or dark brown icing and the bottom of the cookie with flesh color icing. Add some texture to the hair using the medium consistency brown icing and you can add some dimension to the tutu using white icing as a trim,  let it dry and decorate the face  as you wish with edible markers. 

*  Sometimes I like to use the natural texture of the cookie when I am doing faces. 

7)  When the cookie is almost dry put a little bit of white royal icing on the back of the ornament cookie and put it over the circle cookie. 

8)  Outline the arms of the ballerina and fill with flesh color icing and let it dry.

As I mentioned in the beginning, you can make multiple designs with this cookie, I just love it!!

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Pointe shoe fitting story

We will be baking some cookies for a lady that was very, very nice to us this past week.   She has a dance wear shop and she has a great selection of pointe shoes, plus she gave us a lot of advice and I asked my daughter to share all what we went through last week to find "The Perfect Pointe shoe", so it can be helpful for other ballerinas that are having the same problem. So I will introduce you to my daughter and I hope you enjoy her story!!

Hi everyone, I am so happy to share this with all of you, and I hope you find it useful.

.... I was born with the famous flexible archy feet, but on top of that they are very strong. Even though it may look very pretty and most people want this type of foot,  it has its own challenges and obstacles to face. Because of my feet being flexible and strong I am of need of a very hard shoe and also one that lasts. For a year I have been wearing Bloch aspirations a strong shoe, but lately I have been going through them very fast and they were breaking in a very awkward place. I went to my local dance wear shop for a new shoe.   They gave me the Só Dança Toshie SD-40shoe,which I fell in love with and once they were finished I quickly ordered new ones.   In the next picture is the one on the very top.

They gave me the Só Dança Toshie SD-40 shoe,which I fell in love with and once they were finished I quickly ordered new ones. Of course the shoe " I fell in love" with, it is not the same anymore, causing my right foot to over-extend as if I had worn them for 2 weeks (but they were new).  
I soon discovered that it was a new version of the Toshie, the Só Danca SD-40V
and the old version was discontinued in the US. ( The 2nd shoe from the top). 

I was crushed and so disappointed I thought "Why would they give me a shoe that was discontinued." I switched back to my Aspirations, (the first shoe from left to right)  but I missed the feel of my Toshie shoes.

 We went back to the dance shop in hopes of finding a new shoe. This time I came out with the Suffolk Spotlight, but these shoes had inserts called arch supports.( 4th shoe from left to right) It was a piece of metal stuck under the shank of the shoe. These inserts made the shoe much more expensive and they were special order which was a problem. Plus my mom was terrified of these metal inserts for she felt they were going to stab me for some weird reason hahaha.

 We spoke with my teacher and she liked the Suffolk, but still my mom was unsure of this "special shoe." The next day my mom came up to me telling me that we should go to another dance shop that was about 30 min away from us. I reluctantly agreed. We went in, the pointe shoe fitter examined my foot and she also saw how I looked in my Bloch Aspirations, Toshie, and Spotlight saying that they were wrong for my foot and that I wasn't "pulling up". "Pulling up" something I have heard recently as a correction. The lady quickly demonstrated her version of "pulling up and out".  We came out with the new Capezio Airess pointe shoes (5th shoe from left to right) which pulled straight up and I didn't over extend. I went to class hoping that these shoes would make the next Svetlana Zakharova, but I ended up not liking the shoe and feeling like a dancing trash can (ballerinas are quite the perfectionists as you can see).  For the first time these shoes felt TOO HARD. Ironic right? Yep hahaha. So we went back to the lady and she gladly wanted to show me another shoe which I also liked. She warned me that the capezio were shoes that were modeled for partner work or for certain variations like Sugarplum fairy. She was right I could still wear them for certain things, but I needed an "everyday shoe".  Now the shoes we ended up with are the Suffolk Stellar(6th from left to right)  hopefully they will work out fine and help me become a Misty Copeland or Natalia Osipova. 

She even said that I was pulling up and that if I would continue to do that it would become second nature and up my dancing 10 levels. Despite this difficult journey I learned a lot and I realized how ballet reacquires so much of you and in order to be a good ballerina you must experiment and sometimes it can blow up in your face, but sometimes you can turn lead into GOLD. I hope this post will help other ballerinas with similar problems. I also owe great thanks to the lady or more like fairy godmother who has helped me with my shoes and my dancing, and I am so excited that I can send her some cookies. 

Making these cookies were so fun. These two below are the ones I made using my mom's techniques. I loved using the food coloring and brushstrokes to make it seem like the tulle on the tutus. I am very grateful for the help the pointe shoe fitter lady gave me and I will definitely send her some cookies. Enjoy this bun head post.

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Curious George's Birthday Cookie Set

A few weeks ago I shared a tutorial on decorating Curious George cookies. Now I will share how I decorated a set of cookies to go with the theme of Curious George. My nephew is absolutely in love with all things Curious George. So I decided to make him his own set. George is always adventuring through the busy but colorful city. This is more like a birthday set with the party hats and balloons and of course lots of bananas. I had a lot of fun creating George's cute little face, when I finished I absolutely fell in love. These are for all the lovers of Curious George no matter what their age. 

For this cookie set you will need:

*  Foolproof cookie recipe, click here
*  Cookie cutters:  Monkey
                             Party hat 
                             2 in Egg or banana
                             Hot air balloon
                             Cowboy hat 
                             Scalloped  oval
* Royal Icing Click here
                                             Chocolate Brown
                                             Egg yellow
                                             Sky blue
                                             Electric blue
                                             Mint green
                                             Deep pink
*  Silver shimmering sugar
*  Pastry bag set
*  Decorating tip #1.5 and  #101

I loved the birthday party episodes from Curious George, and since I do not have the specific cookie cutter I had in mind, I added a party hat to the original curious George cookie cutter. This is call piecing 
(actually I am not sure if it is called that, but I call it this way ; ) 

It is a very simple technique, I cut out a party hat and then cut the top part using the monkey cookie cutter, so it can have the same shape; I add a little bit of egg to bond the two pieces together. I have made a lot of cookie using this same technique, I will share them with you one of these days. 

For the Curious George face tutorial click here


Meanwhile your cookie are cooling, you can prepare  your flooding royal icing and tint them in the colors you will need, and also prepare a pastry bag with medium consistency royal icing  and decorating tip # 1.5, to outline the borders of the cookie. Click here if you need more info regarding the medium consistency.

As you can see in the picture above, for the bananas I used an egg cookie cutter, and egg yellow food color to tint the icing.  When it was dry, I used a brown marker to make the stem and the little spots. 

You can use  decorating squeezing bottles to flood the cookies,  and let them dry for 6-8 hours.

For the party hat I put some medium consistency royal icing in the top and in the bottom and then sprinkled the sparkling sugar and then add red royal in some stripes and let it dry for 10 minutes and then add then filled the other stripes with white icing. 

One of my favorite cookie in this set was the balloons, I used the decorating tip #101 to make the

For the Curious George title I made a royal icing transfer following the same technique I used to make this cookie, click HERE

Which Curious George do you like the best?

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