Hispanic Heritage Month Cookies

Hispanic Heritage Month

Fiesta Cookies Piñata cookies to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month @ www.thecookiecouture.com 


It is so amazing that we have a whole MONTH to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage! 

Living in a foreign country is always hard for many reasons, for me primarily is being away from my family and missing all the parties and celebrations!



Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

  Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

Aches and pains of a cookie decorator

When you see a lovingly hand decorated cookie you might not think about what is behind the making of that precious piece of edible art.

I am sure that a lot of hours of labor have been put into making them, and I think most of us don't think about that. We often just think about how pretty and delicious they look.  

Being a cookie decorator is not as glamorous as it seems, we have a lot of aches and pains especially if you have been decorating cookies for a while. 

When I first started making cookies, I would enter into a "Cookie Mode" and would to make as many cookies as I could. Also a lot of different cookie ideas came to my mind, particularly around 3:00 am, and I couldn't wait to wake up and make the idea that kept me awake at night. So normally I started making cookies in my pajamas and barefoot in the kitchen.  

This was not a good idea, later on I started having a lot of back problems and had to stop making cookies for a while.  

I remember that on my first visit with the massage therapist, after she diagnosed me, she asked me: "where do you work?  And I answered: "I make cookies"?  She was very surprised that I had all those problems just for "making cookies". 

Fast forward to today, and I am happy to have found out how to deal with some issues that help avoid some aches and pains and I will share them with you. 

In this video you can learn more:

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