How to decorate a Haunted Mansion Decorated Cookie

How to decorate a Haunted Mansion Decorated Cookie

This tutorial has a touch of whimsy, this haunted mansion cookie is inspired in the Victorian Style Houses. You will see how to make a stained glass effect on cookies using hard candy. 

This cookie is delicious and for sure it will haunt the palette of your guest at your next halloween party!

Ideas to make unicorn theme cookies

For a while I wanted to make a full set of UNICORN cookies, and finally last week, I had the chance to make them for a little girl Birthday party!

I for this set I made some Unicorns heads...

... some full body unicorns...

Ideas to make a Mother's ginger Cookies

Ideas to make a Mother's Ginger Cookiespost signature

With no doubt this scene of the Nutcracker is maybe the second favorite of everyone. Maybe it is it's catchy song, the big costume, the adorable ginger cookies dancing or that is the first time your little kid is performing in the Nutcracker, or all of them together!

When I got this cookie cutter, I was so excited but didn't knew where to start, first is hard to bake big cookies, because they can break easily and second, I wanted to put so many things in one cookie.  My design has been changing over this 10 years, but I love the fist one as much as I love the brand new.  

Take a look at the video and hope it inspire you to go and bake one!

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