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How to decorate your kitchen for Christmas

Here is a video if you want to check it out

If you are like me and find joy remembering of happy moments in your life, the pictures that I will share in this post really bring joy to me and hope it will bring joy to you too!

With this global pandemic, I have had time to take a look at all the pictures I have and find these pictures of my kitchen and thought that they will be perfect to share  for this Christmas in July.

For so long I have ever wanted to decorate my kitchen hen for Christmas but for one or other reason I never did. 

My idea was to decorate it with a bakery themed like ginger bread cookies, but then I thought... what about if I used cookie cutters instead? 

And having choose the cookie cutters as my focal point, the other decorations came along. 

My kitchen is white, so it is the perfect canvas for any color combination I wanted to choose. 

I also have a lot of black and white items and red and copper appliances, so I choose, white, black, red, copper and green as my color palette. 

I had so much fun decorating my kitchen and really love how it look.

Most of the things I already have them from other Christmas, so I did not expend so much money, the only thing I bought were the command strips. 

I hope that this #2020ChristmasinJuly you and your family take some time see some Christmas pictures and savour and rejoice in those moments.  Also July is the perfect time to start planning your Christmas decorations and now that you have time take a look in your storage boxes and I am pretty sure you will find a lot of things that you can reused and add a little jolly Christmas joy!