Como decorar una galleta de St. Nicholas

Como decorar una galleta de St. Nicholas

Tengo algunos cortadores de galletas que le tengo miedo, miedo en el sentido de que me imagino como voy a decorar la galleta, me la imagino super padre y haz de cuenta que la veo en mi mente ya terminada, pero se que poner mi idea en practica va hacer un poco difícil y este cortador es uno de ellos. 

Como secar tus galletas decoradas de una forma mas rápida

Finalmente, tuve el tiempo de hacer este video, creo que les va a servir muchísimo este método para acelerar el proceso de secado de tus galletas decoradas. post signature

Ademas tus galletas tendrán un acabado super bonito, brillante y super liso. 

Héchale un vistazo al video aquí abajito

Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

When you are going to be decorating cookies you will need two important things, the Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe and a Great Royal Icing Recipe

Over the years I had made some changes to my original recipe to create a very delicious cookie.  Although the flavor is a very important quality of the perfect cookie for decorating, texture and how resistant your cookie can be is as important. 

Here is the video so you can see the recipe!

For the flavor, the quality of your ingredients and how fresh they are will determine a tasty cookie. 

How to decorate a Haunted Mansion Decorated Cookie

How to decorate a Haunted Mansion Decorated Cookie

This tutorial has a touch of whimsy, this haunted mansion cookie is inspired in the Victorian Style Houses. You will see how to make a stained glass effect on cookies using hard candy. 

This cookie is delicious and for sure it will haunt the palette of your guest at your next halloween party!

Ideas to make unicorn theme cookies

For a while I wanted to make a full set of UNICORN cookies, and finally last week, I had the chance to make them for a little girl Birthday party!

I for this set I made some Unicorns heads...

... some full body unicorns...

Ideas to make a Mother's ginger Cookies

Ideas to make a Mother's Ginger Cookiespost signature

With no doubt this scene of the Nutcracker is maybe the second favorite of everyone. Maybe it is it's catchy song, the big costume, the adorable ginger cookies dancing or that is the first time your little kid is performing in the Nutcracker, or all of them together!

When I got this cookie cutter, I was so excited but didn't knew where to start, first is hard to bake big cookies, because they can break easily and second, I wanted to put so many things in one cookie.  My design has been changing over this 10 years, but I love the fist one as much as I love the brand new.  

Take a look at the video and hope it inspire you to go and bake one!

How to make mermaid theme cookies

How to make mermaid  theme cookiespost signature

Do you think mermaids are the new Unicorns?  I don't think they can compete with each other, each of them are so magical and cute, that I think they will be a little girl favorite magic creatures forever!!

This time I am sharing How to make mermaid  theme cookies, I will be making three different designs of the same cookie and the matching mermaid's tail, using three different techniques.

Here is the video, where you can see how I did these awesome cookies!

Different ways to add sprinkles to your cookies

Different ways to add sprinkles to your cookies

Over the years I had to add a lot of sprinkles to my cookies. 

In this tutorial I will share with you three different ways to add sprinkles to your cookies.  You can try them and let me know which one is your favorite!

I am also sharing how to make these cute cookie set, a doughnut cookie and a sprinkle jar. 

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Cookies ideas for housewarming gifts

Cookies ideas for housewarming giftspost signature

Recently someone very dear to me, move to their new house, and I was thinking what could be a good gift for them. 

And as you know I love baking, so I thought that some baking goods will be a great gift idea, but also I thought that some cookies will look perfect for this occasion, so I made a keychain cookie.  In this tutorial you will learn how to make a key cookie, how to make a keychain cookie and also owl cookies ideas.  This is super cute tutorial , and the recipients  loved the cookies so much!

Maybe you can make these cookies for someone that is about to move to their new house!

Take a look at the video to learn more.

Baby Jesus Cookie Tutorial

Baby Jesus Cookie Tutorialpost signature

Growing up in Mexico at Christmas time the most special house decoration is the  "Nacimiento" ( Nativity scene) It was a whole ritual, unpacking very carefully all the pieces that has been for many generations in my family, fixing the broken pieces, ( there is always a Wisemen without a hand or a lamb with 3 legs ; ) plan a trip to the market to buy fresh moss, hay, some pine branches and very important the paper posters of the sky, desert, rocks, etc. 

I have so many good memories around the Nativity scene, actually I inherit my grandmother's Holy family, it is made out of wood, it is really pretty!

So for me making Nativity scene cookies is a most!

This cookie is one of my favorites, looks really elegant and very special, very appropriate for a Baby Jesus  in a manger cookie.

Please watch the video to learn how I did this cookie!

I made this cookie to decorate a Christmas Cake too!

Idea to make a Cat in jack'o lantern cookie for halloween

Idea to make a Cat in jack'o lantern cookie for halloween

When I have a cookie  idea in my head, I just want to do it ASAP, but sometimes I don't have the appropriate cookie cutters and don't want to go to the hassle of order a cookie cutter, pay for shipping and wait for its arrival.  

So I take a look at my cookie cutter collection and try my best to think out of the box to come out with the idea I am thinking of. 

I made this cute cat on a pumpkin or jack'o lantern cookie for halloween, hope it inspire you to use different cookie cutters to create unique cookies!!

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How to decorate a garland with cookies

As you may notice I like to be a little creative with my cookies, and as you may know you can use cookies to decorate for Christmas.  This time I made some ornaments cookies and used them to decorate a window  that I have on my dinning signature

Here are some pictures and a video. 


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This is for sure one of my favorite recipes and I hope that it will be one of yours too!

I used a Belgian Cocoa Powder and the result was a extremely delicious soft chocolate cookie, for a twist I decorate the cookies with a raspberry royal icing and the results were fantastic!

You can watch the video  or if you want you can print the recipe. 



How to make a float cookie

How to make a float cookie
post signature

I want to share this super cute idea, these cookies are perfect for a pool party.  You can let the kids decorate these cookies, they will have a lot of fun and they will be very happy to enjoy a sweet treat after many hours of swimming!!



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After many years in the making, finally I had a tutorial on how to make edible lace, or cake lace. I hope  that this tutorial inspired you to try something new and get creative with your cookies and cakes. 

How to make a Matryoshka doll cookie

How to make a Matryoshka doll cookie

Love how in the Inauguration Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2018, each country had a doll, I think they were inspired by the Matryoshkas.  One of my favorites cookies that I have made in the past are a set of Matryoshkas cookies, so I decided to make this cute cookies by fussing two traditions in one cookie, a Matryoshka doll with a Mexican dress! 

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How to make FIFA World cup cookies

How to make FIFA World cup cookies

I am so glad that the world cup is just every four years, too much excitement to handle!!

One of my best friends is from Germany, and we were so excited to see our two teams playing together, I knew that our team will have to fight very hard to win this game, and we were prepared for that, but we were not prepared to see them win, so for my husband was the best FATHER's DAY EVER!!! 

My daughter and I made some chocolate cookies for him, and the theme was FIFA World cup 2018 cookies and obviously in the colors of the Mexican flag.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial as we enjoyed to make these cookies, 

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Anniversary cookies ideas-Ideas to decorate doughnut cookies

Are you looking for ideas to make a homemade gift for your anniversary?  This idea is so easy to do and I am sure the recipient will be so happy and delighted to receive this cute gift. 

I think what it make this idea very special is because you will be remembering the great moments in each month of the year. 

I think this idea is also very nice for a birthday gift. 

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Music box ballerina cookie

If you have been reading my blog for a while you must know that ballet cookies are my favorites! 

For so long I had this idea to make a ballet theme center piece, and I thought that making this cookie as a music box will inspire you to make cute center pieces, or giveaway cookies for a ballet birthday party. 

I am working on making the real music box, stay tuned to see the final product! 

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Life experiences as a cookie decorator

Few years ago I met Bridget Edwards from Bake at 350 blog, I have been blessed to meet wonderful persons in my life, I have learned so much about my friends, and not having my family close, they have been a great support in my family life as well in my cookie decorating life. 

Many, many years ago, when I started with my Etsy shop, I start using more the internet and started looking for cookie decorating tips, and I found the Cookie decorating University Website, and learned a lot from their tutorials, but I never imagine that I will met one of the cookie decorators from that website, or that I will be living very close to one, or that my daughter will be friend of one of her sons, or that besides our love for cookie decorating or baking, will be using the same shoes on the same day or have the same earrings, the same year calendar, like the same schools for our kids and the same Universities, like the same clothes and the same designers, make the same cookie in the same day....this is really once in a life time GIFT, I thank God everyday for this and for all the LOVE HE give me through the persons I have met in my life!!

Thank you Bridget for all that I have learned from you, you will always have a special place in my cookie heart! 

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Ideas to decorate my bakery shop Spanish

Ideas para decorar mi tienda de galletas

Hola, me da mucho gusto compartir con ustedes esta idea!  Esta idea la puedes utilizar ya sea para decorar tu pastelería o para decorar tu cocina. 

Como en mi caso, mi cocina es mi pasteleria también, la tengo que tener muy presentable para mis videos, aunque cuando estoy haciendo galletas estas por todos lados, con azúcar, icing y gel de colores por todos lados. 

Me ha pasado muchas veces, que cuando agito el gel de colores, no esta bien cerrado y sale el gel por todos lado, y pues mi cocina se ve como un estudio de pintura, jajaja, lo bueno es que es blanca y puede ver muy, pero MUY bien, donde esta manchado. 

Les comparto otras ideas de como he decorado poco a poco mi cocina con el teme de repostería y mas bien con el tema de galletas decoradas. 


Unos de mis primeros cortadores fueron los de cobre de Martha Stewart, me gustan muchísimo y se me ocurrió ponerlos en una pared, tengo mas pero mi cocina no tiene muchas paredes desocupadas y solo los puse en este rinconcito, tu puedes hacer lo mismo con los cortadores de cualquier tipo!

Puse los cortadores que mas me gustan! 

Este pizarrín lo compre en una tienda de Hallmark Crown, me encanto y siempre hacia tenido ganas de usar mis galletas para hacer imanes y pues este pizarrón con esa barra magnético es perfecto!!

Esta muñequita de gengibre me encanto, la compre en hobby lobby y se ve super bien con el tema con es del color que tengo varios de mis electrodomésticos y pues se ve muy bonita, lo único que me falta es mi kitchen aid roja...algun dia, no he perdido las esperanzas! 

Espero te gusten estas ideas!!

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Ideas para hacer regalos para papa

Hace algun tiempo comparti como hacer estas galletas de herramientas. 

Ahora comparto un video para ustedes para que vean como todo la familia puede participar decorando galletas y lo divertido que es!  Espero que les guste este video y les inspire para hacer unas galletas para el dia del padre!!

Estas son las galletas que hice hace un tiempo y me encantan también, puedes hacer la casita de jengibre y decorarla y después solo armarla. 

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Ideas for graduation parties

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Ideas to make ballerina cookies

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Ideas for royal wedding cookies

I cordially invite you to watch this cute cookie story line, please SUBSCRIBE to the channel to learn more!!

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How to decorate a carriage cookie

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How to decorate a ballet party with pointe shoes

My daughter graduated from High School and for graduation party, I decided to decorate her party in everything ballet, because she danced ballet for many years, and in High School she was in a pre-professional program, so she spent a lot of her time in her ballet studio.

We kept most of her pointe shoes, and I was wondering how can I use them to decorate the party, so I came up with some creative ideas on how to incorporate the "Ballet theme" with her academic accomplishments in a cute but not so childish way. 

We decorate the house with a lot of her ballet pictures, some tutus and a lot of pointe shoes. 

I used the pointe shoes as balloon weights and also hanged some banners with the pointe shoe ribbons.

For the cookies, I did not make any ballet cookies, I focus more on the University she was going to attend and make a cute Rice University Cookies set.  Obviously I made Sammy, the Owl mascot, the letter "R", the unconventional wisdom slogan, the name if the University and some graduate girl cookies. 

I hope these ideas will inspire you on how you can incorporate an extracurricular activity like ballet to a High School Graduation party. 

I think it is a good way on how you can display some things that you have kept and use them as ballet party decor. 

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