Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

When you are going to be decorating cookies you will need two important things, the Best Cut Out Sugar Cookie Recipe and a Great Royal Icing Recipe

Over the years I had made some changes to my original recipe to create a very delicious cookie.  Although the flavor is a very important quality of the perfect cookie for decorating, texture and how resistant your cookie can be is as important. 

Here is the video so you can see the recipe!

For the flavor, the quality of your ingredients and how fresh they are will determine a tasty cookie. 

For the texture, following the steps and timing of the recipe are key, you will need to be very careful to allow certain biochemical reactions to develop in the process.  

When you are decorating cookies you need to make a cookie that will sustain all the handling that you need to do during the process, you won't like to have a cookie that will crumble when you are transferring it from the baking sheet to the cooling rack, or from the cooling rack to your decorating table or from your decorating table to your cellophane bag or from your cellophane bag to the cookie box or from the cookie box to it recipient. 

And also it need to be a though cookie, so it won't break when you "Shake your Cookie" to pop up the bubbles!

So you need to be very careful in the baking process, oven temperature, timing and also to allow your cookie to cool after baking. Here is a video for the recipe and I hope it will inspire you to start baking some cookies ASAP! 

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