How to decorate a ballet party with pointe shoes

My daughter graduated from High School and for graduation party, I decided to decorate her party in everything ballet, because she danced ballet for many years, and in High School she was in a pre-professional program, so she spent a lot of her time in her ballet studio.

We kept most of her pointe shoes, and I was wondering how can I use them to decorate the party, so I came up with some creative ideas on how to incorporate the "Ballet theme" with her academic accomplishments in a cute but not so childish way. 

We decorate the house with a lot of her ballet pictures, some tutus and a lot of pointe shoes. 

I used the pointe shoes as balloon weights and also hanged some banners with the pointe shoe ribbons.

For the cookies, I did not make any ballet cookies, I focus more on the University she was going to attend and make a cute Rice University Cookies set.  Obviously I made Sammy, the Owl mascot, the letter "R", the unconventional wisdom slogan, the name if the University and some graduate girl cookies. 

I hope these ideas will inspire you on how you can incorporate an extracurricular activity like ballet to a High School Graduation party. 

I think it is a good way on how you can display some things that you have kept and use them as ballet party decor. 

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