Baby Jesus Cookie Tutorial

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Growing up in Mexico at Christmas time the most special house decoration is the  "Nacimiento" ( Nativity scene) It was a whole ritual, unpacking very carefully all the pieces that has been for many generations in my family, fixing the broken pieces, ( there is always a Wisemen without a hand or a lamb with 3 legs ; ) plan a trip to the market to buy fresh moss, hay, some pine branches and very important the paper posters of the sky, desert, rocks, etc. 

I have so many good memories around the Nativity scene, actually I inherit my grandmother's Holy family, it is made out of wood, it is really pretty!

So for me making Nativity scene cookies is a most!

This cookie is one of my favorites, looks really elegant and very special, very appropriate for a Baby Jesus  in a manger cookie.

Please watch the video to learn how I did this cookie!

I made this cookie to decorate a Christmas Cake too!