Ideas to make unicorn theme cookies

For a while I wanted to make a full set of UNICORN cookies, and finally last week, I had the chance to make them for a little girl Birthday party!

I for this set I made some Unicorns heads...

... some full body unicorns...

....  super fluffy clouds with a rainbows, some letters and...

...some Unicorn's horns!

You can take a look at this video to see more on how I decorate these cookies!

Now a days all little girls want to have a Unicorn theme party,   there are so many cute unicorn things everywhere, specially for birthday parties.

One thing that is very important and that add a great touch to your birthday party is the invitation, and as you know now a days the paperless invitations are in trend, and  when I said paperless, I mean electronic... for that I mean, email sent invitations. 

So I looked for an invitation for this special birthday celebration and I found the perfect one at

I love the idea of having paperless invitations, when my daughter was little, it was always a drama with the invitations. 

 Some parents were not so careful to send  the invitations by mail and hand them in front of everybody,  and the ones that were not invited felt left out and  that was not so nice. 

I really like the idea of electronic invitations, I think is the great thing ever! Besides they are super fun, pretty,  eco-friendly it is really cool all the features you can find in them, like RSVP, reminders and all that nice modern stuff! 

For this birthday party, I chose this cute invitation that looks perfect with the cookies!

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