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Oktoberfest gingerbread heart necklace

Now that i am in love with my Ginger-Speculoos cookies, I have been using it a lot and like fall is here, I have been designing some cute cookies lately. 

If you follow me on pinterest, maybe you are familiar with my hashtag "Cookiecrafting"; a while ago I started discovering that besides eating the cookies you can do a lot of crafts with cookies, and in this post I am sharing with you how to make a Gingerbread heart cookie necklace.

In Germany these hearts are everywhere during Oktoberfest,  they come in all sizes and decorated in many different ways.  I read that the if you are wearing one of those cookies, is because you are "Love" by someone!!

I really like this idea, I think that it can work for homecoming, Valentine's gifts, Anniversary, Birthdays, etc... don't you think? 

You can make them with the vanilla-lemon cookie recipe and you can decorate the cookie with brown royal icing if you don't want to do the gingerbread cookie. 
I did some with using this technique also. 

O.k. here is what you will need:

*  Gingerbread cookie recipe, click here: Gingerbread cookies with a twist
*  Heart cookie cutter
*  Wooden stick
*  Royal icing, click here
*  Pastry bag, coupler and decorating tip #2 and #102
*  Americolor in turquoise, yellow, 
*  Ribbon

1)  Prepare the cookie dough following the instructions in this link: 

2)  Cut out your heart cookie and using the wood stick make two holes as it shows in the picture bellow, be sure that the stick go all the way through the cookie. 

3)  Bake at 350 F for 10-13 minutes and let it cool. 

4)  Prepare firm turquoise royal icing and using the tip #102 make a ruffle around the heart and let is cool. 

5)  Using white medium consistency royal icing, write the message you want, for this cookie I wrote, I love you in German.  Decorate as you one using hearts and flowers. Let it dry. 

6)  When it is dry put the ribbon through the holes and ready!! you have your gingerbread necklace!!


  1. This is a very sweet German tradition for Oktoberfest and what a cute cookie you made.

  2. Thanks!!! I think is a very cute tradition....I am amaze all what we can do with cookie dough !!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Lynn, it is flooding royal icing tinted in chocolate brown. if your ginger bread cookies are dark enough you may not need to use this icing, and write your message and make the border.


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