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Oktoberfest Themed Cookies

I felt in love with this adorable Oktoberfest cookie cutters
....and if you are looking for some inspiration to decorate cookies for these Oktoberfest's festivals
... here are some that I made recently, hope you liked them!

I love every piece of this set!!   It is hard for me to work with cookie cutters  like this, I  really love the cookies how they look without any icing, but I put my self to the challenge. 

 The  dress with the little flowers is inspired in my friend Claudia's dress...she is GERMAN!!

I like to use edible markers to add details like these little flowers. 

When I was a little girl my mom made me a shepherd satin dress, very similar to the dress at the top left side of the picture for a Christmas play and I loved to wear it and dance on it!!

What can I tell you about this glass of beer...the foam...ummm so refreshing!! and off course the beer has to be in first row, if not it wouldn't be a Oktoberfest Themed cookies. 

I also love the idea to gift some gingerbread hearts to your boyfriend or girlfriend and that everybody else can see that you are "taken". You can find the instructions on how to make it, here.

 And how can forget the PRETZELS!!! I used some silver sugar instead of salt, but I think if you make a chocolate royal icing you can add some coarse sea salt...yummy!!

I love this cute cow....

But I think my favorite is this lovely lederhosen!! Happy Oktoberfest!!

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  1. I love the little lederhosen as well but the dresses are pretty sweetly decorated too. A very cute collection of cookies!

  2. I love the glass of beer. It looks great but all the cookies look wonderful!!

  3. Oh my goodness! These are PRECIOUS!!! Where did you get those cutters????

  4. I live in Germany and I see people flocking about in their attire now! These cookies are really great. You are really talented with the icing!



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