Homecoming decorated cookies ideas

Last year was our first time to participate in a "Homecoming celebration". 

I know here, is a big thing, and to be invited is a "Big thing" for the girls too. 

My daughter's friend invited her, she was so excited...but I was not expecting that it will include so much details...it almost looked like a wedding!! 

 So I have to ask some of my expert friends to give some advice. 

Everything was very nice, they had a very good time!! 
They both look really cute, and off course I made some Homecoming cookies for him. 

The cookies were  inspire by his school football team and the sports and players he likes. 

So I made a helmet with the school's logo, a football with the school initials,  a basketball, a basketball player from the Lakers, and a jersey with the Number 24,  from Shaquille O'neal. 
(Correct me if I am wrong).

As you can see he loves Basketball and the Lakers!!

I really loved the cookies, I always make gilry cookies and it was very fun coming out of my pink and bow box. 

As you can see you can make cookies for all occasions and events!!!

I love to decorate cookies, but I can tell you that  nothing else compare to spending time with my little girl...(well not so little) and my family!!!

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  1. Your daughter and her homecoming date look beautiful! I hope she had a nice time. Your cookies for this very special occasion are wonderful and I'm sure her date appreciated all your efforts in making them for his Homecoming.


Thank you very much for your comment!