How to decorate cookies step by step

For a while I wanted to make a video tutorial that include all the information necessary to bake and decorate cookies, but I think it if I wanted to make a video like that it will be super long, because I wanted to share with you too many things.  Sometimes I need to control my self and try to be more organize to share better content so my videos will be appealing to you and that you learn new things as well. 

I made a video where you can find one of my cookie recipes, the royal icing recipe and the basic techniques to decorate cookies. 


I made these beautiful birds, this is one of my first or if not my first copper cookie cutter. I remembered it was in the cover a Martha Stewart magazine back in the day and I fell in love with it. At that time I didn't knew how to decorate cookies, but this cookie cutter was one to the ones to put me on this cookie decorating adventure. 

I hope you enjoy this video, is in Spanish but you can use subtitles too. 

Thanks so much for reading!