Hot air balloon ride for my Valentine

Can I say I love, love, love Valentine's day cookies? I think YES!!!  

I think Valentine's day is an opportunity to be creative and  honestly homemade Valentines are the best. 

Many years ago, I bought a kit to make Valentine's Day Cards
for my daughter and every time we took it out of the closet we got super EXCITED, but sadly last year was the first year we didn't take out the kit, but we made COOKIES is also a lot of Fun!!! 

I am sharing some pictures of how I decorated a hot air balloon, hope you like it!!

I used the quilting technique that I used in the chocolate box cookie, click here for the tutorial. 

I tinted some flooding icing in deep pink and tulip red. 

I used white icing to do the stitching of the globe and added a big heart sprinkle in the center before it was dry.

I made this super cute flying pig at the same time don't you love it? 

I used edible markers to mark the lines in the basket.

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