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Cinderella Ballet

These cookies are inspired by Star Fairies who make the magic happen in the ballet Cinderella. My daughter recently performed this part for her spring performance. She loved 
her costume and of course I wanted to reward her beautiful dancing with Star Fairy cookies. Her fellow fairies and she captured the audience's attention with their fluttery quick feet and their constant motion. They truly looked and moved like fairies. Every time something magical or something important would happen the fairies would float through the stage with glittering smiles. The whole performance was beautiful and every dancer put their best.

 I made Start fairies, stars, magic wands, pumpkins and glass slippers...all of them full of sparkles and shimmering sugars to represent the glow of the ballerina's tutus.  

I like to customize my sanding sugars and for these cookies I made a mix which I named "Magical Night".  It really adds dimension and character to the cookies. 

Before I add sanding sugar, I outline the cookie and then I flood the part of the cookie in which I will add the sanding sugar, I let it dry for few minutes and then I add my magic powders!!

For the Star fairies I used a cupid cookie cutter, but you can use a ballerina cookie cutter too.  And 

I also  added the "Magic night"  mix to the stars cookies.

Some silver pearls to the pumpkins and shimmering powder to the crystal slipper and the magic wand.

One of my favorite cookie cutter set, is the Princess cookie cutter set, I have made a lot of cookies with it. 

These cookies look so pretty, but really nothing compares to seeing the girls dancing on stage!! I really admire all their effort  and hard work, it is really amazing all they do, I am so proud of my daughter and all what she has accomplished through dancing. 

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