Lego cookies for Dad


A few weeks ago my brother in law was visiting us when I was making these cookies, and he Loved the cookies and immediately  said: "German my son will love these cookies, he loves legos". His son is 25 years old, but he was a Lego boy...or still is a Lego boy!!

Then we went to the mall and we stopped by the Lego store and my brother in law bought a "Batman Lego set" and asked for a catalogue for German... 

It really touched my heart...there is no doubt that no matter how old our kids are, for us they will always be our little kids. 

These cookies will be perfect for all the Fathers that spend a lot of hours helping their kids build a huge dinosaur or a plane or know ANYTHING is possible with legos!!

These cookies are really easy and your kids can help you out decorate them, here is what you will need:

*  Foolproof recipe ..Click here
* Royal icing...Click here
* 3 in square cookie cutter, click here
* 3 in circle cookie cutter
Lego man head template

* Lego man  head cookie cutter
*  Americolor soft gel in:  Electric Orange, 
                                       Egg yolk
                                       Electric yellow
                                       Mint green
                                       Forest green 
                                       Electric blue
                                       Sky Blue

*  Wilton Silver spray

*  Pastry bags and  pme decorating tips # here
*  Squeezing bottles with tip here

I do not have a Lego man head cookie cutter,  but I used a template that I found in a tutorial at SWEETSUGARBELLE webiste. 

When I make templates I like to laminate the template so I can easily clean it and reused it. 

I used a knife like the one that is on the top picture to cut out the cookies. 

Bake the Lego man head cookies, the circles and the square cookies at 350•F, let them cool.  Meanwhile you can prepare your royal icing. 

When I tint the royal icing I like to use a mix of colors, it is very rare that I used just one color. 

For the Lego man head I used equal parts of egg yolk yellow and electric yellow gel color and mixed it very well, I flooded the cookie and let it dry.

When the icing was dry I put the eyes and the mouth using medium firm black royal icing, I used the decorating tip # 1.5

For the square cookies first I flooded the cookie and when it was dry I made the dots pouring the flooding royal icing in a squeeze decorating bottle with tip #3,  let them dry, and then piped the outline with the same color of icing. 

My husband's favorites where the Lego wheels cookies!! These are so easy!!

First you mark a small circle in the center and flood it with white colored icing and let it dry. Put 4 dots like it shows in the picture below and let dry for a little while, then spray the cookies with the Wilton silver spray and then flood the rest of the cookie with black royal icing and let it dry. 

 Remember that the container where you are going to display your cookies is always very important and it kind of upscales all the time you spent decorating this cookies. 
I bought this cute paint bucket at The container store, they told me that it was "Food safe" so you can go ahead and put the cookie inside.  Or if you want you can individually pack each cookie. 

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