Curious George's Birthday Cookie Set

A few weeks ago I shared a tutorial on decorating Curious George cookies. Now I will share how I decorated a set of cookies to go with the theme of Curious George. My nephew is absolutely in love with all things Curious George. So I decided to make him his own set. George is always adventuring through the busy but colorful city. This is more like a birthday set with the party hats and balloons and of course lots of bananas. I had a lot of fun creating George's cute little face, when I finished I absolutely fell in love. These are for all the lovers of Curious George no matter what their age. 

For this cookie set you will need:

*  Foolproof cookie recipe, click here
*  Cookie cutters:  Monkey
                             Party hat 
                             2 in Egg or banana
                             Hot air balloon
                             Cowboy hat 
                             Scalloped  oval
* Royal Icing Click here
                                             Chocolate Brown
                                             Egg yellow
                                             Sky blue
                                             Electric blue
                                             Mint green
                                             Deep pink
*  Silver shimmering sugar
*  Pastry bag set
*  Decorating tip #1.5 and  #101

I loved the birthday party episodes from Curious George, and since I do not have the specific cookie cutter I had in mind, I added a party hat to the original curious George cookie cutter. This is call piecing 
(actually I am not sure if it is called that, but I call it this way ; ) 

It is a very simple technique, I cut out a party hat and then cut the top part using the monkey cookie cutter, so it can have the same shape; I add a little bit of egg to bond the two pieces together. I have made a lot of cookie using this same technique, I will share them with you one of these days. 

For the Curious George face tutorial click here


Meanwhile your cookie are cooling, you can prepare  your flooding royal icing and tint them in the colors you will need, and also prepare a pastry bag with medium consistency royal icing  and decorating tip # 1.5, to outline the borders of the cookie. Click here if you need more info regarding the medium consistency.

As you can see in the picture above, for the bananas I used an egg cookie cutter, and egg yellow food color to tint the icing.  When it was dry, I used a brown marker to make the stem and the little spots. 

You can use  decorating squeezing bottles to flood the cookies,  and let them dry for 6-8 hours.

For the party hat I put some medium consistency royal icing in the top and in the bottom and then sprinkled the sparkling sugar and then add red royal in some stripes and let it dry for 10 minutes and then add then filled the other stripes with white icing. 

One of my favorite cookie in this set was the balloons, I used the decorating tip #101 to make the

For the Curious George title I made a royal icing transfer following the same technique I used to make this cookie, click HERE

Which Curious George do you like the best?

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  1. This is really a fun set! I love Curious George with the birthday hat cookie!

  2. It was a lot of fun indeed Paula, it is amazing all what we can do with cookie dough, the possibilities are endless. Thanks again!!


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