Melting Witch Decorated Cookie

Green Witch cookie, Wizard of Oz Cookies

For this  super fun halloween decorated cookie idea
 you will need the next ingredients and materials.

* 4-5 in circle cookie
* Square marshmallow
* ice cream cone
*  Maria Cookie
*  Royal icing
*  Americolor in black, electric green and avocado
* Royal icing eyes
*  Circle cutter


1.-  Cut out your cookie, bake it and let it cool. Here is the link for the recipe I used, HERE

2.-  Prepare fluid royal icing.Click here

3.-  For the green royal icing you need to add equal parts of avocado green and electric green Americolor food coloring, mix it and put it in a seal tight container. 

4.-  Tinted some black royal icing and put it in a seal tight container too. 

5.-  Break down the ice cream cone and just use the bottom part, like 2.5 in tall. 

6.-  Cut out a marshmallow circle using a cookie cutter. 

7.-  Flood the circle cookie cutter with black icing (1) and then dip the marshmallow in the green icing a put it over the flooded cookie; repeat the same thing with the maria cookie (2) and the ice cream cone (3) and place them one over the other as it shows in the collage.

8.-  Using the wet on wet technique HERE put some lines of the green icing over the cookie as show in the pictures, let it dry for 5 minutes.

9.-  Put the eyes, the nose and the hands (4)

You can add some more fun to the cookie if you want, like a ruffle on the hat.

I really like this cookie, is fun and I bet the kids and the grown ups will enjoy it as well!!!

I am MELTING!!!!!

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  1. Lupita, as always, you surprised me in a very splendid way. Congratulations!!! I love your creativity, I am your No.1 fan.

    1. Quiet have make my day....This is what really keeps me going...I am so glad you like my creations and so happy you enjoy my work!!!

  2. Very creative cookie, I love it.

  3. Replies
    1. I know!!! I think is so cute too, and I am sure the little kids will like it too!!! well and the not to little also!! Thank you very much!!!

  4. The best "melting witch" cookie ever! Using the marshmallow for the head is genius; it really looks like she IS melting!

    1. Thanks Sue!! So sorry that until now, I am replying to your comment, I am glad you liked the idea of the marshmallow, it is really a super treat for kids, a cookie, marshmallow, ice cream cone and icing!! It will give them energy for many hours, for sure!!


Thank you very much for your comment!

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