Sugar Bear Sandwich Cookies

You can make sandwich cookies using any cookie cutter, I 
thought that some teddy bears will look cute, so I make 2 big teddy bears, and 2 small teddy bears to enjoy them on saturday morning breakfast to give a sweet start to father's day weekend!!!

For these cookies you will need:

*  foolproof cookie recipe
*  Teddy Bear cookie cutters ( One big and one small)
*  Raspberry or Apricot Jelly
*  Powder Sugar
*  Clear view box
*  Paper bow

These cookies are really easy. 


1)  Cut out your cookies and bake them at 350 F, let them cool. 

2)  Spread some jelly in one of the cookies.

3)  Cover the bottom cookie with another cookie of the same size. 

4)  Using a sifter cover the cookie with powder sugar. 

Follow the same procedure for the other cookies. 

When we making the cookies and took the pictures my daughter discover the teddy bear silhouette on the plate... I lOVE IT!!!  Where is the teddy bear?? 

We arrange the cookies in a clear view box and decorated with a cute bow, we gave the cookies to my husband on Saturday morning, for a good start for father's day!!

These cookies are the BOMB...they are so delicious, I just ate one little piece, and I was really delighted, I can imagine how my husband was after eating the rest of the cookie...  

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  1. Sweet Father's Day breakfast! Very cute cookies made even more adorable by those polka-dot bow ties on the packaging.

    1. It was a very sweet breakfast!!! When I saw the bow ties at target I felt in love with them!!, they come in a little booklet and you just assemble them and use tape or glue, I think they make any gift more sweeter!!!
      Thank Paula!!!!

  2. These look cute and so delicious!

    1. I am glad you liked them Sue!!!! You should try them!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Dina!!! They are so easy to do, and you just can make them in any shape you want!!!



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