Linzer Cookies


For this cookies you will need to cut two pieces, it will be like a sandwich cookie, the bottom half does not need to have the heart cutout in the center, it will prevent the jelly to fall all over. 

For these cookie you will need:

 Foolproof recipe
*  Linzer cookie cutter
*  Raspberry and apricot jelly ( Bon maman is the BEST)
*  Powder sugar
*  Sifter


1)  Roll out your cookie dough to a 1/4 in thickness, cut circle cookies using the linzer cookie cutter, and then cut out some more cookies pressing the blue bottom to cut out the center of the cookie, and place them in a baking sheet. 

I am making just one cookie....we do not need too many delicious cookies in my house... ; )

For the bottom part of the cookie just use the linzer cutter as a regular cookie cutter, do not push the blue button.

For the top cookie, fist cut the circle and not moving the cookie cutter push the button and release.  Having your cookie dough chill will help you a lot!

2)  Bake the cookies at 350 F for 8-10 minutes, until the edges look golden.  Let them cool. 

3) Put the top part of the cookies ( the ones with the heart) on a baking sheet and sprinkle some powder sugar using a sifter.

4)  To the bottom part of the cookies spread some jelly and put the cut out heart cookies on the top, and they are ready to enjoy!!
Here in my house we love bon maman jelly, thanks to my French friend that introduce me to it!!

I love my foolproof recipe, it is very versatile, you can play with it and make many many variations. 

The Linzer cookies can be a very good option to make for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Anniversaries, etc, etc, any celebration where love is involve!! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

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  1. one of my favorites. they look great!

    1. They are really delicious, no wonder how popular are this style of cookies!!!

  2. They look really yummy!!

  3. Such a pretty cookie! Perfect for tea time.

    1. EXACTLY!!! So many childhood memories with these cookies and tea, when my mom had her friends over for tea...she always take care of a lot of details, the doilies for the trays had to be very neatly iron with starch, the napkins, the sugar pot....everything!!! I wish I can go back in time!!!
      Love you GIRL!!!


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