1st Unbirthday

One of my favorite parts of Alice in Wonderland is the unbirthday celebration!!!  Well, I am celebrating the first unbirthday of my blog....I can't believe that  in July 17, 2013,  I started with this adventure thanks to Bridget from Bake at 350

I would have never imagined finding so much joy in sharing all that I have learned in my adventurous life of being a cookie decorator....I was one of those that you might say "tight", very selfish, never wanting to spill my secrets to anybody...I would think "I have been working so hard to learn these royal icing techniques, and It won't be fair to share it to anybody!!!!" How awful I was... I am really grateful that Bridget encouraged me to start blogging, not knowing a thing about it...I have had to learn a lot of things and have been working very hard!!!  

Wonderful things happened  in this first year, like....

1)  Someone out there in the world is reading my blog and finds it interesting!!!

2)  Someone has been taking his/her precious time and left me some lovely comments!!!

3)  I have found out that I am not the only crazy lady that is obsessed with cookies and thinks "COOKIE" all the time!! and would like to transform everything into a "Decorated Cookie".

4)  Some of the most wonderful cookie decorators and bakers have followed me on Instagram and have liked some of my pictures.... and left comments!!! This is really AWESOME!!! 

5) I have made new friends through my blog!!!

6) I have learn more about photography, I LOVE to take pictures!!

7)  Foodgawker had like some of my pictures and now I have my Foodgawker Gallery.

8)  One of the bloggers from the food channel posted one
of my pictures of Foodgawker and people really liked it,  click here: Melting snowman

9)  I have learned a lot about how to edit pictures, how a blog works, and  how fantastic  is knowing that you can share your ideas and people from around the world can enjoy them!!

10) Through blogging I have learned too many new things, and I really love to share to everyone a little piece of my daily life in the Kitchen!!! 

And as a thank you to all of you, I am making my first GIVEAWAY!!!

You will receive some of my favorite things to decorate cookies!!

*  One Rolling Pin
*  Rolling pin rollers
*  A set of cookie cutters
*  Williams Sonoma Meringue Powder
*  A set of Alice in Wonderland Cookies, lovingly decorated by me ; )  ( 36 pieces )

The rules are very simple... You can choose one option or all of them ( more chances to win ; ) 

1)  Leave me a comment in the post the you have enjoyed the most, explain why and how did my post inspired you to make your own creations. 

2)  Follow me on Instagram  like your favorite picture and tag 5 friends that you may think they will like the picture  as well.

3)  Like my Facebook page: Mil Grageas

4)  Follow me on Pinterest

Entries will be accepted through midnight CST, Friday July 4th.  ( US addresses only, please) 

I hope that my story really inspire you to follow your dreams, I know that sometimes is hard and you can feel discourage, but don't let anything bring you down and work hard!!

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  1. Lupita,
    Feliz cumple blog.
    Ya sabes que me encanta tu blog, te encuentro espectacularmente creativa y he disfrutado muchas de tus galletas, dentro de mis favoritas esta el collar y aretes a juego, pero mi absoluta favorita es el puerco con alas. Realmente tu ves galletas en todos lados.
    Mucho éxito y que vengas muchos más cumpleaños.

  2. Hola Lupita, te felicito por el cumple de tu blog, yo te he fielmente seguido a lo largo de todas tus inspiradoras creaciones desde que Bridget(Bake at 350) te tuvo como su invitada especial.
    Disfruto mucho todo lo que haces desde unas espectaculares galletas decoradas hasta las mas ricos platillos y salsa mexicanas. Todos los posts me han inspirado a poner amor y mucho corazon como tu en cada cosa que haces. He disfrutado cada historia y remembranza de tu vida. Me hace valorar y atesorar mas lo que aprendi de ti ese dia.
    Muchas felicidades y que cumplas mas para asi seguir aprendiendo mas de tus talentos.

    Eva Valdez

    1. Eva!!! Me hace tan feliz leer estas palabras, me da tanto gusto que estés disfrutando mi trabajo!!! De verdad que lo mas importante para mi es que la gente que lea mi blog se inspire para hacer las cosas que mas disfrutan en la vida y poner todo el amor y el corazón en cada pequeño detalle y que si tienen algún sueño no dejen que nada ni nadie los detenga....De verdad que muchísimas gracias por tomarte tu tiempo en seguirme!!!
      Espero seguir inspirando por muchos años mas!!!!

  3. Trying again, your cookie recipe for basic dough is my favorite because I use it all the time now! :) I love reading your blog, and look forward to many more years!!! My first attempt to post this didn't work, hope this one does! :)

    1. My dear Sandy!!!! Thank you very much!!!! I really miss you!!!!! I value all your comments and when you like something that I do, i know it most be good, because I know you are Master BAKER and COOKER!!!! I really cherish in my heart all the good times we spent together, so glad that through my blog and Facebook we can be updated on what is up with our lives!!! I really hope to see you soon!!!!

  4. Sounds very interesting,
    Thank you very much!!!


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