Easy chilaquiles recipe

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Fast and easy....SUPER easy Chilaquiles


6 oz corn tortilla chips *

1 -28 oz cans green enchilada sauce* 

2-4 tbsp sour cream

1/4 cup queso fresco

4 red onions rings

* Store bought corn chips, always choose the thicker chips you can find and the brand El Paso for the salsa is a good one, not too spicy.


In a large pan, heat a little bit of olive oil, add the salsa and when it starts to boil, turn off the heat and put the corn chips in the salsa.  With two spoons move the corn chips around the salsa until they are soak with the salsa,  transfer it to a serving plate, add cheese, cream and onion rings.  You can serve them with a side of refried beans, eggs or the meat of your choice!

This kind of chips, get softer faster than the one you made at home. 

It is pretty common that in the Mexican restaurants that offer "Chilaquiles" they ask you, what color would you like your chilaquiles? Normally they offer green and red chilaquiles, both are really good and is always hard to choose.  My husband always ask, which salsa is more spicy and he goes for the spicy ones, and my daughter and I normally prefer the green ones.  

green tomatillo salsa,The magic of chilaquiles,

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