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Super easy fondant flowers

Fondant flower

I love to use flowers to decorate my cookies, I normally made them with royal icing, but for this project I wanted to have a more defined and realistic flower, so I investigate a little bit and found this silicon mold to make flowers, and I could not resist it and order it. 


Fondant flowers

There are several kind of molds, there are some to make HUGE flowers perfect for cakes, but for my project I need something to make tiny, tiny cookies, and I am glad I choose the right size.  You can find it HERE 

Fondant flower

You can make the fondant or purchase it already made, you just need to be sure that your fondant last good, several people dislike the tase of fondant, so if you are going to add it to a delicious cookie, you don't want the flowers to ruin your tasty cookie. 

This fondant "Fondarific" is a buttercream fondant and taste delicious! 

Fondant flower

Right after I finished with the first cookie, other ideas came to mind and I am pretty sure the ideas will continue coming, these flowers are so pretty and really make the cookies look very special!

Fondant flower

Fondant flower

I think these cookies are perfect for a sweet treat on Valentine's Day, but also I think you can use the flowers to decorate cookies for many occasions! 

Can't wait to see what ideas you will get on how to use this fondant flowers!