Christmas in July cookies 2021

Elf on the shelves cookies
 I love Christmas cookies and I think July is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas baking. Maybe there is an old recipe you haven't prepared in a while or maybe there is something you would like to learn to bake.

Time goes by so quickly that, and before you know it Christmas time will be here soon!

Elf on the shelves cookies

For this Christmas in July, I made several cookies inspired in the Elf on the Shelf. Although that is a tradition that we don't have in our house, I love the Elf and I think it is very retro and reminds me about the toys that were in-style when I was a little girl.  I remember that some of my friends had this Elf, but I don't think that they ever followed the tradition of leaving them hidden around the house.

Elf on the shelves cookies

I have this cute home-made cookie cutter and I have made some cookies with it several years ago. 

Elf on the shelves cookies

Yet, this time I want it to give it a twist and decided to used fondant and royal icing to decorate it. 

Fondant is so easy to use and if you like to play with play-dough you will love to decorate cookies with it. 

Elf on the shelves cookies

The important part here is that the fondant you use tastes good. I used a buttercream fondant and it is delicious!

Elf on the shelves cookies

Happy Christmas in July 2021!

Summer cookie decorating class


Finally I got the time to put together a cookie decorating class for all of you.  Summer is the perfect time to start learning something new and have time to practice what you have learned. 

Summer cookie decorating class

In this class I will teach you everything you will need to know to start baking and decorating cookies. 

When I was putting the class together I thought that this will be a great activity to do it with kids, so I am explaining everything very well, so every one can do it, if you have never make cookies or icing, not a problem, the step by step instructions will guide you along the way! 

Summer cookie decorating class

Udemy is a learning platform where you can find all kinds of courses and I am so happy that my class is available there! 

And you know what? I have a special promo code for all my readers! 

You can use the link below that include a coupon code of 20 % off!

I hope that you have some free time to enjoy this class!

High school Re-June-ion Party favors 2021

High school Re-June-ion Party favors 2021

It never crossed my mind that I would have a high school reunion living in a different country from where I grew up, but it HAPPENED… and it was in June! So I am not kidding when I said it was a Re-June-ion! 

High School reunions party favors 2021 @

High School reunions party favors 2021 @

This was such a beautiful event in my life, growing up in Mexico in a small town, you kind of go to the same school from kindergarten to high school and your friends become a very special part of your life, because besides watching you grow, they share almost the same experiences, and have the same values. 

High School reunions party favors 2021 @

Oddly enough, four of my friends that live in the US now live in the same city and three of them even live in my neighborhood! And even more odd, three of us grew up living the same street! Weird right?

So you can imagine how many experiences we have shared together and how exciting it was meeting them after more than 30 years!!

Due to the pandemic we changed the date of the reunion so many times and finally agreed to meet in early June. It was not in my mind to make cookies for this important event, I was so excited that I didn't think cookie for once in my life. A few hours before the reunion, I had the idea of making some photo cookies and started gathering the pictures. I always have cookie dough and royal icing ready, so I put my self in action and made the cookies! 

You can watch the video on how to make these cookies here:

For these cookies I used the following materials:

Easy ideas to make cookies for Father's Day 2021

 I know very few men that don't like sweet treats, most of the ones I know, LOVE sweets and they don't care too much if they look picture perfect, they put more attention in the taste of the treat and sometimes they preferred them just as they come out of the oven, like these heart cookies. ( My husband does! ) 

Best cut-out cookie

My husband also love these chocolate cookies on a stick they  are another great  easy option. 

Chocolate heart cookies on a stick

So, if you are looking for some ideas for Father's Day cookies, I  will recommend that you don't spend too much time in the decorating part and spend more time in preparing a delicious cookie!   If you have a favorite cookie recipe, sometimes just using best quality  or all organic ingredients can make a big difference in the flavor and texture of the cookies. 

In the other hand if you are looking for easy ideas to decorate cookies for your dad or your husband, I made these two cookies inspired in some t-shirts that I saw on Redbubble, I hope you like them! 

Here you can find the video with full instructions: Click HERE  or press play. 

Easter Cookie Decorating 2021

Best Easter Decorated Cookies

Over the years I have made a lot of Easter cookies and I put a recompilation of some of my favorites! 

Best Easter Decorated Cookies

One of the things that I enjoy the most about cookie decorating is how many different designs you can do using the same cookie shape.

Best Easter Decorated Cookies

If you want to spend several hours in your cookies, you can add a lot of details and use different techniques,  but if you are short in time you want to make a yummy cookie that  still look cute.

Best Easter Decorated Cookies

Best Easter Decorated Cookies

I hope that this video inspired you to bake some cookies for your family or invite your family members to bake them together. 

Best Easter Decorated Cookies @

Here is the video:

Galletas de Arcoiris


Rainbow cookies- watercolor cookies

No importa cuál técnica utilices para  decorar tus galletas de arcoíris, de cualquier modo se verán muy bonitas. 

En el video de esta semana comparto como decorar una galleta de arcoíris sobre una galleta de forma de nube utilizando tres técnicas diferentes.

En la primera utilizo una paleta de acuarela de pintura comestible para pintar el arcoíris, esta es una técnica muy fácil de usar y es muy buena para niños, ya que no se hace mucho tiradero y los niños disfrutaran mucho decorando sus galletas.

How to use a watercolor technique to decorate cookies -Rainbow cookies 2021

Para la segunda galleta utilice royal icing de consistencia magica en diferentes colores y los puse en una manga pastelera sin duya para que dure mas fácil.  La verdad, utilizando esta técnica las galletas quedan mas bonitas, se tarda uno mas tiempo en hacerlo pero el resultado vale mucho la pena.  Esta foto es la primera galleta que hice de arcoíris hace varios años.

How to make Authentic CAPIROTADA!


Kah-pee-roh-tah-dah is how you pronounced this beautiful word, that just the sound of it transport me to my mom's kitchen...


Growing up in Mexico, lent was a season with a lot of traditions, not only in the religious part, but also in my mom's kitchen.  

Lent food is very unique and there are dishes for all kinds of paletes, I remember some of sisters dislike some of my mom's  lent dishes,  like 'sopa de haba" ( Broad bean soup) or the  "tortas de camarón con nopales" (shrimp cakes with cactus).  So sometimes we all were not very thrill about lent food, but we all were thrill for lent dessert...CAPIROTADA!! 


Tuna pie for Friday Lent dinner

 One of my family favorite dishes during lent is TUNA PIE!

Tuna pie recipe

Tuna pie recipe

This recipe has been in my family for so many years, I remember that when I was a little girl every family road trip include a TUNA PIE! 

Tuna pie recipe

The day before my mom started cooking the pies and sometimes ROMPOPE! Yes, this might sounds weird, but we had to travel "My mom style".  And the food was part of the road trip experience!

Get well decorated cookies ideas

Hope cookies ideas 

I made these cookies inspired in a vaccine and these cookies will be a great Get well soon gift! 

For  these cookies I used  different techniques, like  watercolor technique using sweetsticks paint.

Hope cookies ideas

I used edible markers for other cookies. 

Hope cookies ideas

Here is the video where you can see how I made them. 

I hope these cookies will inspire you to make some cookies for your love ones! 

Hope cookies ideas

Super easy fondant flowers

Fondant flower

I love to use flowers to decorate my cookies, I normally made them with royal icing, but for this project I wanted to have a more defined and realistic flower, so I investigate a little bit and found this silicon mold to make flowers, and I could not resist it and order it. 


Fondant flowers

There are several kind of molds, there are some to make HUGE flowers perfect for cakes, but for my project I need something to make tiny, tiny cookies, and I am glad I choose the right size.  You can find it HERE 

Fondant flower

You can make the fondant or purchase it already made, you just need to be sure that your fondant last good, several people dislike the tase of fondant, so if you are going to add it to a delicious cookie, you don't want the flowers to ruin your tasty cookie. 

This fondant "Fondarific" is a buttercream fondant and taste delicious! 

Fondant flower

Right after I finished with the first cookie, other ideas came to mind and I am pretty sure the ideas will continue coming, these flowers are so pretty and really make the cookies look very special!

Fondant flower

Fondant flower

I think these cookies are perfect for a sweet treat on Valentine's Day, but also I think you can use the flowers to decorate cookies for many occasions! 

Can't wait to see what ideas you will get on how to use this fondant flowers!

Time for Valentine's Cookies

 Every year I look forward for the time to make Valentine's Day cookies. This year I have some ideas that I can't wait to put in action.

In this post I am sharing with you some Valentine's Day Cookies I had made in the past and will link the videos so that you can see how I made some of them.

I love to use the wet on wet technique to decorate Valentine's Day cookies. I am not sure why I like this decorating technique so much, maybe it's because you can create several designs with not so much effort and the cookies look really cute and yummy! 

Best Valentine decorated cookies

Here are some pictures of mini heart cookies made with this technique.

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