believe  cookies .

 As I was decorating these "Believe" Cookies for some Kindergarten students, I was thinking about how powerful this word is and how often I saw the word Believe this year. 

While I was making the 12 Days of Christmas videos, I took a trip on memory lane and noticed that at a very early age I showed interest in the culinary arts. I thought about how much I had learned by watching my mom do her baking and cooking. Later as I grew up I had the chance to start baking and selling cookies and carrot cupcakes. I sold so many carrot cupcakes that my mom thought I was turning into an Oompa Loompa due to the orange tint on my hands. I even went to the doctor and it turns out I wasn't but instead had too much beta carotene from the carrots I handled. 

Well coming back to the theme of "Believe".... I believe that each of us is born with a special gift. When you are a kid your parents help you discover it and later on you continue nurturing until it is time you put it to action. The more you share it and enrich the life of others is when that gift fulfills its purpose. 

I also believe that you sometimes put your own nurturing of gifts on hold to enter into an interesting cycle. Just as I watched my mom bake and cook, I had a new pair of eyes watching me. The discovery and nurturing of gifts continued with my own daughter, and eventually extended to all of my viewers. And so the cycle continues, but with a bit of believing in yourself you can begin to reach the fullness of your potential.

believe  cookies .

I want to thank you for reading my blog and for watching my cookie tutorials on Youtube during the year of 2021. All of you are really special to me and wish that whatever you have learned with me enriches your life and the others around you! I wish you a very happy 2022 full of love, health, and peace!