Different ways to decorate a candy cane cookie, plus the candy cane prayer

Several years ago, I received a little special Christmas gift, a candy cane with a little card attached to it. The little card was the Candy Cane Prayer, I have never heard of it and I really liked it. I have seen a lot of candy canes in stores in Christmas time, but never knew the tradition behind it. 

Here is the prayer, I have the version that I made in Spanish and the English version that I found on the internet and it is free to use. 

I am part or a praying group at my daughter's university and I like to bake cookies for them and they are part of a goody bag that we give to them around finals each semester full of nutritious snacks, candies, words of encouragement and anything else we can think that will cheer them up during that time of stress! I normally make cookies of the University's mascot, but for this time I thought that a candy cane cookie with the prayer would be a good idea. 

So here I am baking and decorating a lot of candy canes, I made a video so you can see different ways to decorate a candy cane and how I packed the cookies. 

I think that what makes a gift special is the time and love you invest in it and to think how the gift will help the person you are giving it to, not the size or the price attached to it. 

These are some of the sprinkles and decorations you will need.