Birthday Cookies Ideas

Who's Birthday is today? 

Birthdays are so special and it is always nice to celebrate another year of life and take time to think about what experiences you have had in the year that have help you grow as a person and to be thankful for all that you have go through.  I think that life goes so fast and in this days there is no free time to sit and reflect on what you have being going through and to realize how many blessings you have every day. 

 When I saw this set of boxes at the container store, I fell in love with them and the idea to put Birthday cookies on them came into my mind. 

This also will be a very nice birthday activity, you can sit and think about all the good and bad experiences you have being going through in all those years and choose what situations you want to keep in your heart and which ones you preferred to leave  behind. You can pair this with a nice cup of wine or some tequila shots, that is your choice! 

The cookies are super simple, I tried to match the colors of the boxes with the cookies, I made squared cookies that could fit in the smaller boxes and balloons for the bigger ones.  

Then I made a big  personalized cookie cake, I made these cookies for  Marisol!

These boxes are so cute and you can used them later on for something else.

What other idea do you have to use these boxes paired with cookies? Pleas let me know in the comment  section! 
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