Faberge Eggs Decorated Cookies

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When I first saw a Faberge egg I fell in love with all the intricate designs and how pretty it looked, but at that time I never thought about making some Faberge Egg cookies.  One day browsing on the internet I came across these cookie stencils, click HERE, and I knew I had to have them. 

When I received them I felt overwhelmed because I had never decorated cookies with stencils and so I put them in my cookie challenge list.

Until one day I decided to give them a try, and I am so glad I did. I loved how they turned out. It was not easy and I made a lot of bad looking cookies. When I finally got the technique to use them, in fact it became pretty easy to use and I loved how pretty the cookies looked. 

I like to decorate my Easter Brunch table with a lot of cookies as you can see. 

I hope you liked this cookie decorating technique and give them a try. 

I posted on YouTube a video, it is in Spanish but the technique is very easy to follow and I will tell you what is most important when you use stencils to decorate these Faberge Eggs cookies. 

In the video you can see how I used the stencils without using magnets, both ways work out well. 

You will need Egg cookies, royal icing (flooding and medium consistency), food coloring, stencils of course,  some sprinkles, a spatula, magnets, and a baking tray.

You need to start by flooding all your Egg cookie with flooding icing in the color of your choice and let it dry completely. 

First you will need to put the stencil over your dry cookie and put a generous amount of medium consistency icing on the top of the cookie and using a spatula you will drag the icing until and take the excess until you can see the stencil.

Then very careful lift the stencil and if you are going to add sprinkles you will need to add them right away before the icing start drying. Shake the excess of the sprinkles and let them dry. 

And that is it, you can make a lot of color combinations and add edible pearls, glitter or even spray with edible paint.


Hope you like this idea and inspires you to be creative on your cookie decorating!