How to lower the cost of your decorated cookies

How to lower the cost of your decorated cookies 

Let's talk #CookieBussines I think this is one of my favorite part of cookie decorating, although in my experience,  it is very hard to make a living just selling Homemade decorated cookies, it is a great extra income that can be very helpful. 

Last year I shared a video on how to calculate the price of your decorated cookies and one factor that increase a lot the cost of each cookies is the time that you spend decorating it. 

Decorated cookies are little pieces of art, and sometimes  costumers just think about them as a "Pretty Cookie", but as you may know to make them "Pretty" it takes a lot of time and effort. 

In this video (in Spanish) I shared how to lower the cost of your decorated cookies spending less time on decorating them and also using an easy and less expensive kind of glaze. For glaze recipe  Click Here

For the ones that are new in the cookie decorating art, to make a decorated cookie using royal icing, you will need to prepare different consistencies of icing and tinted different colors of icing according your design, and the labor time to make this kind of cookie is longer than the one you will spend with the glaze technique. 

Flooding icing 

Medium consistency icing to outline the border of the cookies. 

If you’re able to make your cookie decorating time more efficient, decorated cookies can be a high profit item. Controlling the cookie decorating time (labor time) is one reason we use the glaze and decorate technique, instead of the  flood with royal icing traditional  cookie decorating technique.  You can emphasize cute but simple designs, and charge extra for elaborate custom designs. 

For these cookies, I used glaze to cover the cookies and they look really pretty, the texture of the icing is softer and than royal icing  and very shinny. The flavor is about the same. 

I made a little Taste Panel with my husband and daughter. My husband liked this glazed cookies better than the royal icing, because they were softer, the icing was thinner and the flavor was yummy. 

  My daughter liked the traditional royal icing cookies the most. She likes that royal icing is harder and  about the flavor she liked both. 

I hope that this tips help you out to lower the cost of your cookies by making more efficient your cookie decorating time and as a result you will be able to make more cookies, offer a better price and increase your decorated cookies sales. 

It is nice to offer your costumers more options, you can offer both styles of cookies and your costumers will get the chance to choose  what fits better for their budget. 

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