Valentines day cookie banner

I found this Valentine banner cookie cutter set browsing in 
the internet the other day, you can buy it here at amazon Valentine"s cookie garland kit  and I could not resisted to purchased it right away.  It has some cookie cutters
similar to some I already have, but it is about time to replace them,  they are so old and are about to break ( They are like 30 years old, first cookie cutter I purchased back in the day...) post signature
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I have made some cookie banners or cookie ornaments
in the past and I normally made the holes with a wooden stick, but in this set you have a tiny round cookie cutter (puncher)  that is the best thing ever!   

Here are the pictures  and the video of the process of my project, I hope you like it!

For these cookies I used my foolproof recipe,   Click HERE 

I let the cookies cool down and meanwhile I prepared the royal icing following the recipe HERE.

If you are new in the cookie decorating art, you can click HERE to see how to achieve the right consistency for the flooding icing and the outline icing as well. 

 I made a Valentine sprinkle mix to add to the cookies, prepared medium consistency, flooding royal icing  and tinted some icing in bright pink, red and ivory. Don't forget to put your icing in an airtight container! 
Outline the cookies as it shown in the picture bellow and flood the cookies.

If you are going to add sprinkles to a flood cookie,  wait like 4 minutes and then add the sprinkles and let them dry. 

For this big heart, I first decorate the arrow and put gold sugar, flood the cookie and then added the disco dust. 

When the cookies are completely dry, you can add any message using an edible marker. 

This Julia Child quote is one of my favorites!! 

I really like that this set comes with everything you need for the project like the ribbon, you can choose from gold or a pink and white stripes. 

Try to layout the design of your banner and then pull the ribbon inside the wholes. 

Voila!  You have a cute Valentine's day banner!!

This is how it looks on my wall. 

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