What you are thankful for? Thanksgiving decorated cookies ideas

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I am thankful for adding a tradition in my family, as my husband and I grew up in Mexico, "Thanksgiving day" was something that we were not used to celebrate until we moved here many, many years ago and so happy that my daughter grew up with this tradition, and  after learning more about the meaning of this festivity I like it even more!

From a petite comité of three to huge gatherings and some  drive through at Luby's in between, we have received so much love from our friends and neighbors that a thank you note will never be enough to express how thankful my family is for this wonderful memories and a big THANK YOU to GOD for always taking care of us and put wonderful people in our life path. 

I hope you love this cookie idea as I do, you can arrange your cookies in a nice tray in your buffet table and ask you r guest to write down what they are thankful for and then later on everyone can share what they wrote in there cookie, or you can put a cookie in each plate with an edible  marker.  You can find the edible markers at Michaels, Hobby lobby, Joan fabrics and someone told me that the Crayola "Non Toxic " markers are safe to use on food.  I am not sure about it, but you can research and see if you want to try this idea. 

Here are some pictures of the steps I did to decorate this cute colorful Turkey Cookie. And here is the link for other ways you can decorate a turkey cookie, click HERE

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  1. What a cute idea! Love these!!! We're THANKFUL that we'll see you on Thanksgiving!


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