#TBT...The cookie shop of my dreams.... Part I

Sometimes I forgot all that I have been through to make one of my dreams come true...

I will start sharing all my experiences  in trying to built my little business, I know I still have a long way to go, but I do not like to think it that way...I just focus on what is going on today, try to do my best, take a lot of pictures and then with a lot of patience and dedication,  everything  will fall into place. 

I invite all of you that are reading my blog, to follow your dreams and don't let nothing stop you...but very important...you need to have your eyes and mind wide open and have faith on your prayers, because your dreams may not come true exactly the way you have 
always think or have ask for...you just need to adjust them at time and trends that are going on out there, and really trust that God will lead you in the right direction. 

Since I was a little girl, I always dreamed to have a Cookie Shop, and few years ago I opened the storefront of my Cookie Shop in the  Internet..." The Cookie Couture" on ETSY....I would have never believe that I was going to be selling cookies through a computer and sending cookies to families around the United States...This have been AWESOME!!

And I can tell you that it is a lot of work...setting the store and baking, decorating, taking pictures, packaging, ship costumer services stuff, etc, etc, is almost like a real thing but in a smaller scale.

These cookies are some of the my oldest Christmas designs,  and were some of my first designs with sprinkles, I used metallic edible pearls...this was the begging  of "Mil Grageas"... I remember that when I made them, I was so excited and thought they were Amazing.... one true thing is that after practicing many times a technique you can always improve...also in the pictures... I think I have improved a little....

You learn a lot, and really gives you an idea of what could it be to have a real business, and if now your priority is being a WIFE and a MOM...you can still be a business women, in a small way, and the time will tell you when you are ready for the REAL thing. 

I encourage you to follow your dreams and don't stop believing....research what kind of help is outside to support the developing of small business, put a all your heart on it and   always try to think outside the box to be unique. 

This are some of the cookies that people likes the most of my Etsy shop. 

These baby shower cookies were inspire in the Juicy couture baby girls clothes...they are just too sweet and dainty.

This one is one my first design inspire in a painting that I bought for my daughter's room, from a Mexican artist. 

I love everything Vintage...for this kind of cookies, I bought the edible ink and paper, and make the designs in the computer, print them...it was a lot of fun... I just love this kind of cookies!!

This fairies were inspire in my daughter and her fairy costume, actually this cookie cutter is a cupid, but when I saw it it talk "Fairy" to me.... ; ) 

Ballet has been a big deal in my life...nothing compares to watch my daughter dancing and becoming a beautiful Ballerina....

One of our favorite board games!!! Candy LAND!!!... I have improve in my pictures and the settings.... LOL

I find these cookies just adorable...I

When I saw these cookie cutter, I felt in love!!! Fancy flours' catalogue is always inspiring!!!

When I find out that the mini cookie cutters exist...my heart start pounding like crazy....am I the only crazy cookie here??   This was the my first mini collection .

I love Matryoshka's, and with these cookies, I learn to make my own cookie cutter... I was so  desperate that I could not find it any where, so  I have to sacrifice one of my old cookie cutters and transform it in a Matryoshka cookie cutter...and until last year I saw Matryoshka cookie cutters ..they are so sweet, because they are a set of stackable Matryoshka's.

First time trying to make cookies on a stick...love the colors and THE BOWS!!! I am a BOW lover!!!!

These were the first cookies that I design for an event....Attitudes dance wear in Wichita is the Cutest ballet shop you can ever see... Is like an Anthropologie Ballet shop...you can imagine...every little corner is beautiful....I miss it!!!

When I find this cookie cutter set al hobby lobby....my heart pounded like crazy again....

I think I am a trendsetter in my cookies....but for these cookies I have to follow the CUPCAKE CRAZE trend and off course made some Cupcake cookies...is this too much?? no I do not think so...

One of my favorite craft magazines is Living by Martha Stewart....always a fountain of inspiration....this cookies were inspire in the spider web skirt from her Catalogue....she is just Awesome!!!

One of the things that I miss the most of my country...are  the Nativities.... people put a lot of effort putting everything them together... my mom's is always the sweetest!!!

One of my favorite childhood movies, is Alice in Wonderland...not so much because of the story...because I still do not understand it very well... what I love are all the colors and characters.... I use a lot of different cookie cutters to be able to make this set of cookies. 

Every time we go to see "The nutcracker"... I get so inspire!! I just want to go home and start baking and decorate cookies, my daughter just get out of the theater and start twirling and dancing...like a little girl...well she will always be my little girl.

 I think this simple set of cookies,  has give me the more satisfaction ever, being able to help people  to let their love ones know that they care for them is  priceless. 

I encourage you to follow your dreams and don't stop believing....research what kind of help is outside to support the developing of small business, put a all your heart on it and   always try to think outside the box to be unique. 

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