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How to decorate a s'mores cookie/Cookies for my High school girl

I can't believe that I have a High School sophomore
in the house!! I really like the sound of this word and it reminds me of something soft and delicious...S'mores!!

So I am sharing with you this photo tutorial on how to make a S'more cookie.

I made this set of cookies for my daughter,  using the colors of her school; she is a bow and  LOL kind of girl, so I made some LOL cookies10th grade,cookies with clever messages, some with the initial of her school, a s'more and a portrait of her, I hope these cookies will inspire you to make some too. 

For this you will need:

*  Foolproof recipe
*  4 in Square cookie cutter
*  Edible markers
*  Royal Icing
*  Americolor gel color in :  Chocolate brown, white, copper and black
*  Pastry bag, coupler and tip # 2 and #15
*  Spatula and seal tight containers
*  Gold sprinkles


1.-  Cut out your cookie, bake it and let it cool.

2.-  Prepare some white flooding royal icing  and cover your cookie and let it dry overnight.

3.-  When the cookie is dry, using your edible marker make two lines as it shows in the picture above. 

4.-  For the graham cracker, prepare some flooding icing and mix some chocolate brown gel color and some copper, 

Put some of that icing on top of the lines you did in step # 3 and this will be the graham cracker of your s'more. Let it dry and save some of this icing for the top of the S' more.

5.-  Prepare some flooding icing in chocolate brown and add it to the top of "the cookie" to form the hershey chocolate, and let it dry.

6.-  Prepare a pastry bag with white medium firm royal icing an attach the tip # 15  , and put some icing in top of "the hershey" to form the marshmallow, and let it dry.

7.-  With the pastry bag, use a tip #2 and make a square in top of the marshmallow to make "the top graham crackers"  and with the same icing you used in No. 2 cover the square and let it dry.

8.-  Put some gold sprinkles in the edges of the graham crackers and you can decorate the cookie with some flowers if you want. 

It really look so yummy!!!

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  1. That s'mores cookie is wonderful. This entire collection for your daughter is really cute ;)

  2. Se pasaron de lindas estas galletas, me encantaron.

  3. Awesome set! That s'mores cookie is AMAZING!


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