Wisdom teeth cookies to comfort your sweet tooth

I made these cookies for my daughter's friend, they are so easy and fun to do. 

If someone in your family have had their wisdom tooth out and has been under the effects of the anestesia you  know how silly they are...their eyes are all over the place, big cheeks, they said that they feel a super big mouth, sometimes they can't stop smiling and sometimes they can't bear the pain... well these cookies are inspired in those silly moments. 

Hice estas galletas para una amiga de mi hija, son muy fáciles y divertidas de hacer. 

Si a alguien de tu familia han sacado las muelas del juicio y has tenido que someterse a anestesia total, tu sabes que chistosos se ponen cuando están volviendo a la realidad, sus ojos están por todos lados, a veces no dejan de sonreír y algunas otras veces el dolor no  se les puede quitar, bueno pues estas galletas están inspiradas en esos momentos tan chistosos. 

For this cookies you will need:

*  Foolproof cookie recipe
*  Tooth cookie cutter
* Royal icing eyes
*  Edible markers


1)  Cut your cookies and bake them at 350 F and let them cool. 

2)  Prepare medium and flooding consistency royal icing. 

3)  Outline the cookies with medium consistency icing, and flood them as usual. 

4)  Put the eyes before they dry completely and let them dry for 6 hours or so. 

5)  With a black and pink marker finish the teeth's silly faces. 

I think this is my favorite face, a little cheek inflamation !!

I hope you can comfort a sweet tooth with this cookie idea. 

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  1. I had a wisdom tooth extracted a few months and made similar cookies to thank my dentist. My favourite of yours are the ones with the inflamed cheeks. Cute idea I may borrow and credit you should I ever decide to thank my dentist with cookies again :)

  2. So cute and funny!!


Thank you very much for your comment!