Mexican Rice

In my family when someone single is able to cook rice to perfection they say you are ready to get married. 

It is a very easy recipe, but you need a little bit of experience  to make it right all the time, and off course my mom is an expertise in Mexican Red rice....White rice.....Green rice.....Yellow rice..... in everything in the Kitchen, she is 80 some years old and still she nails the rice every time!!!

The other day, a dear friend invite me to her house and asked me to bring some "Mexican Rice"....and I was so worried that it won't turn out right....I have a rice cooker and I do not make Mexican rice very often...but I try and it came out o.k. not as good as my mom's but it was very tasteful!!!

Here is my mom's recipe. 

You will need:

*  1 cup of rice ( Basmati )
*  2 cups of water
*  4 medium roma tomatoes
*  1/4 of a medium onion
*  1 garlic 
*  1/4 cup of Canola oil
*  Salt  


*  Boiled egg
*  Peas, corn  and carrots


1)  Wash your rice and let it soak with warm water for 30 minutes. 

2)  Rinse it many times until the water is clear, and take all the water out using a sifter. 

3) Cut the tomatoes and onions in small pieces and put them in the blender, add the garlic, salt and  1 cup of water.  Blend it until it makes a puree. 

4) Heat the oil at medium heat in a deep pot, add the rise, and start frying the rice, it is very important that you have to move the rice using a spoon in the frying process, it has to be evenly fried. 

The rice will start the make some clumps  but you have to keep on moving the rice 

You will start noticing that it will change color,  the rice will be done when it turns like a golden yellow color. 

When it get evenly gold, take it out of the heat, and take out almost all the oil. 

5)  Pour the puree in a measuring cup, add it to the rice and then add enough water to complete 2 cups of water and puree.  Cover the pot with a lid and let it cook for about 20 minutes, and lower the temperature. 

You will know that the rice will be ready when all the water is evaporated and the rice is soft. 

For garnishing you can add some hard boil egg wedges, peas, carrots and corn....y LISTO!!

Yummy!! I hope you enjoy this recipe. 

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  1. This looks wonderful! We will be trying out your recipe soon.

  2. OH Wonderful!!! Please let me know if you like it!!
    Love you!!!

  3. Gracias! He estado buscando para una recete por este arroz! (lo siento por mi espanol, estoy practicando :P Mi papi es Mexicano pero no he aprendido)


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