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Cilantro Mousse

I remember with great joy Sunday's Dinner at my mom's house, things have change a little bit, but the Joy for good food and great company still remain. We are a foodie family, starting from my MOM!! She is GREAT and I ADMIRE her in many many ways, one day I will tell you her story and what makes her so special. I think I inhere from her the Joy of cooking and from my DAD the Joy of eating something  delicious!! I will share his story too someday!!

In my family we LOVE good food, starting from Appetizers to great desserts, all my sisters and my sister in-law are always trying new recipes, and making big batches of them, because we are a big, BIG family, and now that all the grandchildren are older than 15 years old, they all eat A LOT, and off course every body has to try everything!!

You can imagine how hard is for us living so far away from home and miss all those great gatherings; but we try to be happy everywhere God send us and preparing my family's recipes makes me feel closer to them!!

This delicious appetizer will enchant your palate.


*  Small gelatin mold (Any deep dish will work)
*  2 cups of Cilantro
*  4 oz cream cheese
*  2 packages of gelatin
*  1/4 cup of water
*  1/2 cup of mayonnaise 
*  1 Serrano pepper ( optional)
Salt and Pepper


1)  Mix the gelatin with the water and set it a side until it forms a gel.

2)  Wash the Cilantro and cut the tails, no need to take all the leaves, just cut the tails and put it on the blender. Add the cream cheese, salt and pepper. 

3)  Melt the mix you prepared in #1 in the microwave for 30 seconds and pour it in the blender and blend until they are combined together. 

4)  Pour the mix in the gelatin mold and put it in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours or until it is firm to the touch.

5) Put some hot water on a pan and carefully let the bottom of the gelatin mold touch the water, and scrape the edge of the gelatin with a sharp knife, flip the mold and put in a flat dish.

You can serve it with crackers or you can stuffed peppers, or tomatoes. 

Just Watching these pictures I want to do it again!!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as I do!!

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  1. It looks really Yummy!!
    Very Nice Pictures!!

  2. Gracias Lupita!! thank you Lupita!! ---I love cilantro so, this sounds perfectoooo!!!! :)


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