Torta Cubana, Cuban way

One of the many things I miss from my country is the BOLILLO!!!

It is a bread so crunchy golden and fluffy in the  inside; It is delicious by itself, but also you can prepare "Tortas" in many, many combinations, and  actually  you can prepare a very well balanced meal.

One of the most famous Torta, is La torta Cubana, (Cuban Sub), and it is the one I am going to share today, and maybe some other day I can talk about the " Torta de Tamal", yes, you read it right!! Tamal Sub!! This sounds weird, right? but a lot of people love them!!

Ok, less talk and more action…for this you will need:

*  Bread ( Sourdough baguette is a very similar option to the Mexican Bolillo) 

*  Ham
* Shredded Pork
*  Smoke Gouda
*  1/4 cup Cream
* Mayonnaise
*  2 teaspoon Mustard
*  Lettuce
*  Tomato
*  Red Onion (optional) 
*  Avocado
*  Jalapeno peppers ( optional) 
   Salt and pepper
*  Pannini Grill or Waffle maker


1)  Cut the baguette in the sections and cut them lengthwise
2)  Mix the cream and mustard ( Grey Poupon is my favorite) and season with salt and pepper. 
3)  Spread the mayoinasse in the top part of the baguette and in the bottom part spread the mix of cream and 
mustard. ( This is my mom's secret formula ; ) 

4)  Put on a slice of ham, cheese and the pork.
5)  Spray a little olive oil over the Grill. 
6)  Heat your Grill and put what you prepare on step No. 4
7)  When it is done, put the lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, sprinkle some salt, and Enjoy!!

Perfect for a Weekend meal or watch the Super bowl,  don't you think??

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  1. I love breads! The bread used for this Cubana Sub looks scrumptious. I hope you share your recipe for the Mexican Bollilo.

  2. I've had a Cuban sandwich before, but yours looks waaaaaaay yummier! And mixing the mustard with cream?!?! Oh my goodness!


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