Thinking about Halloween Cookies?

 Right after schools starts I normally start thinking about Halloween cookies, but why the rush?

Witch's hat cookie Halloween cookies

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween cookies and they really have a super special place in my heart.  When I started selling cookies on Etsy, a very kind lady from Oklahoma order a lot of Halloween cookies for her granddaughter's party. I was so excited because it was a very big order and actually my first order for Halloween cookies!  

In the picture below you can see some of the cookies that I made for her, I already forgot about the cookie banner!! I need to show you how to make it, it is super fun to do! 

Halloween cookies

Another day I will continue telling you more about that special lady,  because by Christmas her orders turned out even more special and I will always remember her with a lot of gratitude.

Coming back to the rush of "Thinking Halloween", I used to think  a lot of what is ahead and really not pay too much attention of the present moment and the current events, there are so many special dates in September and early October, like birthday celebrations, the announce of a baby coming on the way, a bridal showers, a move to a new house, a starting of a new job, anniversaries, Independence days, and so much more !

Here are some cookies that I have made for some of this events in past years.

What will you be celebrating in the coming days?

Birthday cookies

These are some of my favorite Birthday cookies, they are really simple and the packaging is so pretty, I like that you can re-use the boxes. 

Birthday cookies

This unicorn lover Birthday cookie set is super sweet! 

Unicorn birthday cookies

unicorn cookies, birthday cookies

This princess carriage and the crown on a stick cookies were part of a Princess baby shower cookie set, I love them! 

Princess Carriage cookie , Baby shower cookies, princess baby shower cookies

Crowns on a stick, Baby shower cookies, princess baby shower cookies

I always like to think out of the box when it comes to cookie gifts, I made these Owl keychain cookies for my daughter and her roommates when they move to their apartment, I think they are really cool !

House warming cookies-key chain cookies, key cookies, owl cookies

There are also cookies for all the religious celebrations, like baptism, first communion, weddings, etc

rosary cookies, First communion cookies

rosary cookies, First communion cookies

And this piñata and Mexican doll cookies are perfect to celebrate the festivities of 16 de Septiembre!

Mexican doll cookies

Piñata cookie

What will you be celebrating in the coming days?

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