Bite Size Easter Cookie Decorating Ideas

Bite Size Easter Cookie Decorating Ideas post signature

There is something very special about bite size decorated cookies, starting on how cute the little cookie cutters are, these cookies are the perfect size sweet treat in your gatherings. 

You can buy the cookie cutters in Amazon HERE

Many years ago I  started making the the Tiny Halloween Cookies, click HERE 

They became one of my best selling products on Etsy.  Later on I made de Tiny Advent Cookies, click HERE 
 becoming very popular too. 

I made the Mini Easter cookies before, but never put them on sale on Etsy and now I made the video for you to enjoy  it. 

I try to tell the story of  my Easter traditions in this cookie set, it was little bit challenging in the beginning but once I started one idea came after the other. 

Hope you like this idea and I wish you had a wonderful Easter time with your family and friends.